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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today's post is a little collaboration with Madison Reed and together we are going to share some of the tips on how to keep your hair healthy. I feel like most of us, girls, are constantly interested in making our hair even more beautiful, so I hope you will enjoy reading this little list of advices as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Trim the split ends every 6-8 weeks
Knowing about this golden rule since what feels like forever, I still manage to forget to book appointment with hairdresser. This has to be changed in 2016!

Use products that protect your hair from UV rays
Surprise, your hair needs sunscreen too. Sunlight makes our hair weaker, which also causes breakage.

Always remember about heat protection
Besides that, never use curling/flat irons without applying heat protecting products beforehand. Also if you are a fan of blow drying, this can minimize harmful damage of a blow dryer!

Avoid too tight hairstyles
First of all, it can cause headache. Second of all, such hairstyles lead to hair loss. In addition, I would say that loose hairstyles are a lot easier to make as well as they look prettier and cuter.

Don't make bun or ponytail if your hair is wet
Again that might be the reason why your hair gets super frizzy.

Dry hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of towel
This is my number one hack for defrizzing my hair. Ever since I've been using this method plus improved the hair care routine, I never faced this problem again.

Hair oils are important too!
For me it seems like most of the time people forget using hair oil or think it might be absolutely pointless as they use hair conditioners. Wrong, my friend. Exactly this product can help you making your hair shiny, take care of the ends of hair and give it a very lovely scent.

You can also take a fun quiz about finding your perfect hair colour on Madison Reed website by clicking here!

If you have more advices on keeping hair healthy, then don't forget to leave it in a comment :)

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  1. Great tips. I have to try the T shirt tip.
    I usually use coconut or argon oil in my hair and it seems to make my hair feel great!


    1. I want to try using simple coconut oil for my hair. Heard so many good things about that!

  2. Great tips! I am never thought about using a cotton top instead of a towel! I will try this! I also put my hair in plaits instead of using heat! Helps every time x

    1. I do use the plaits technique every now and then too! :) x

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  4. It is absolutely awesome.
    There are many new awesome techniques which you can use along with some great tips.