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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello there!

A little ashamed to admit, but this Valentine's Day I visited Lush shop and made my first purchases ever there.
Okay, do not get me wrong, I have not been living under the rock, I simply didn't have chance to get my hands on Lush products.

One of my newbie goodies was wonderful Bubblegum Lip Scrub. As I said before, my lips are the "problem area" and I do not always manage to cope with all the dryness and chapped skin. Therefore, this scrub would be handy and very useful.

It consist of only simple ingredients such as sugar, dye, flavour and jojoba oil. Basically you could make similar one at home. But I definitely wouldn't even try as my hands and patience are not great co-workers.

Texture reminds me something like sticky sugar consistency and is really crumby.

My favorite feature of this lip scrub is that it smells amazing & tastes amazing. And then for hours and hours bubblegum scent will be following you around, but in my opinion it is not annoying or interrupting at all.

For applying, you have to grab with your finger a tiny little bit of scrub, gently massaged into the skin and shake the sugar off or lick it off. Lips look million times better, more plump and healthy afterwards.

Usually I'm using Bubblegum lip scrub during both, evening and morning routines. It just makes my lips pop and takes away the remains of lipstick in the evening. I do enjoy it and surely that next lush lip scrub I will buy as soon as this one runs out.

So that's it for today!
Tell me in the comments about your favourite Lush products :)
Yana X

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4 коментарі

  1. I have this scrub its great! I love licking it off tastes yummy swell always a bonus!

    Love amy from lipstickandthegirl.blogspot.com


    1. Its taste is HEAVEN!!!
      Thanks for visiting my blog <3

  2. I really need scrub and your post is making me wonder if this isn't a good choice! :D

    Much love xx
    Catarina // ohkori.blogspot.com

    1. It is! I'm so happy I bought this lipscrub x