Save or Splurge?

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Hey people! How's it going?
As a true makeup lover, I sometimes can go a bit too crazy with my shopping and literally spend the most of my money I was saving for something more special than a concealer. Certainly my disappointment won't be that huge if a buying is working great. However, there are some situations when I am so angry about myself as my willpower turns out to be not as strong as I wish it would be. My annoying inner voice keeps saying to me: "Couldn't you wait a bit more? Nothing would happen if bought it few weeks later!". But I genuinely don't care coz the desire to try every single makeup product is much bigger here. For this case I thought I would do a post to remind myself and you where it is okay to splurge and when it is more rational to save some pennies.

In my opinion, you even must spend more money on three following iteams:
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder

Why? Friendly reminder that those things you will be putting directly on your skin. I am not saying that, for example, there are no good cheap foundations, but I just feel as their quality might be a bit questionable. As a result you would probably get breakouts all over you face. Nice? Don't think so. Investing in a worthy foundation is not a crime.

Well, there is also another group that I would call "Must Haves That You Don't Really Need But Want". Whether it is a lipstick, highlighter, makeup brush, eyeliner, mascara or whatever it is, and you love them, then do it! I am such a lipstick addict that I do not feel sorry about money spent on all of them. At the same time, I know my limits of making such purchases.

Last but not least - eyeshadow palettes. I know, I know, now there are lots of drugstore brands selling amazing palettes yet you should admit it, eyeshadow palette from the pricey side so worth it.

For buying the rest of makeup I think you should put those money aside and browse makeup ranges of the highstreet brands. Well, if you have opportunite and your budget is not that low, then treat yourself with expensive makeup as much as you wish. There is nothing bad about it.

I do not to offend anybody of you reading this or to be a jungemental piece of poop, but how can you spend a lot on the eyeliners? I mean wow, you must be crazy over them! Much as I do love to treat myself with something special, I am a fan of drugstore too. Most of makeup in my collection is by Maybelline, lipsticks from Bourjois or L'Oreal, for eyebrows I am only using Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set as it works perfectly for me.

Anyway, that it is for today. Where do you prefer to splurge and where to safe?

Will talk to you soon! Yana x

P.S. I am sorry for lack of posts recently. It was the end of school year for me, which means lots of hustle and bustle, so I had literally zero motivation to grab a laptop and write a bit. But I am back on track now! Love you <3

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11 коментарі

  1. I always spend a little more on foundation as the more pricy brands seem to have a better colour match. Also mascara is another one to splurge on so it actually stays on without flaking.
    Laura x

    1. I think mascaras whether high end or highstreet can be both good and bad. Really depends on a brand!

  2. This was a really good post. I do agree that there is some importance in buying a luxurious foundation as it does go on your face and it is important to take care of that face for the rest of your life. :)
    I agree with you on eyeliner too. Technically you could you crayola pencils as lipliners or eye liners.
    Great post, I don't feel it is necessary to spend so much money on so many items.

    I think this is why the brands like Revlon are growing in popularity as they are cheap and they are doing dupes to high end products.


    1. I feel brave enough to try the crayola thing. Maybe it's pretty good, but we don't know yet :D

  3. Yay for end of year! Everyone needs a break, even from blogging! Glad you're back :)

    And I agree with your post. Every time I save on something like concealer, foundation or powder I ever break out or the quality isn't what I want. It's why skincare products are something I'm more willing to save up and splurge for now. Also brushes - higher end brands seem to offer better quality and therefore better make up application. As for eyeshadow, the highstreet colours are amazing but the pigmentation? Never there.

    I think if you have to save, then high street products are great, but if you can afford to splurge, definitely splurge! Quality > quantity any day x

    Ornella || euhnella

    1. Agree with everything you said! I'm now looking for some new skin care products and find it completely okay with spending a bit more money on them :)

  4. This is a great post, thank you so much for sharing.

    I seem to spluge on everything but something that I avoid splurging on is my mascara although with some high street mascaras they tend to have a really big smell of pollen and being allergic I can really really smell it for some strange reason. I have no idea what this is but I don't seem to have the problem with more expensive formulas. Haha how strange!

    I definitely agree with foundation it is a must to get the better products but I'm not too sure on concealer. There are some really really great concealers on the lower market. I've tried two high end concealers and I've been so disappointed. x

    1. As for me, Maybelline mascaras do a great job! I sometimes find myself using them more than Lancome ones.

  5. I have a mixture of high end and high street foundations, but my favourites are always the higher end ones! I always appreciate my higher end stuff more than my high street, so much nicer! x

    1. Yeah, high end makeup is like something special haha :D

  6. I definitely make sure to spend a bit more on foundations, especially as it has the most impact on your makeup and there aren't that many good cheap foundations. Although I do like Revlon Colorstay! I like expensive everything (hehe) especially eyeshadows as well. I don't have much of a preference on concealer, I do like the NARS one though. But I do think that there is no point splurging on mascaras, I like cheap mascaras and they run out so much quicker than other products! Love this blog post :) xxxxx