Awkward Story&Eyebrows x Maybelline Master Shape

Friday, June 26, 2015

Because I am all 'bout those eyebrows... Make brow contact before eye contact? Yeah, me too, girl, me too. Nobody can explain what is special or fascinating about them, but brow game is a big deal. I do agree that your complete face look (sounds shitty, hope you understood what I meant) depends on the shape of eyebrows. Changing it can literally turn yor life upside down. Maybe to the best side or to the worst side.

See, I am pretty concerned when it comes to fixing and trimming my eyebrows with someone's esle help. If that person messed up, what the heck would I do? No, I have to trust you with my life to let you do my eyebrows. Feel me?

The exact same situation with brow products. I am not keen on experimenting. There is one I like and do not need anything esle! However, last time I had been shopping, I decided to look up for something new. I prefer filling in eyebrows with powder or matte eyeshadow, so trying out eyebrow pencil was perfect pick for me.

My choice fell on Maybelline Master Shape. The shade I am using called Deep Brown. It is a bit darker than I actually need, but since lighter one was too light for my eyebrows, I bought this one.

First things first, pigmentation. Wish it was better. Therefore I use this pencil on days when I want to achive more natural, sort of 'haven't put even little effort' look. Ideal for a lazy day.

Moreover, if you are going on a special event or any situation requires great makeup, I would not suggest using Master Shape. I can tell you that from my own experience. It was hilarious, painful and awkward at the same time.

Imagine rainy day, your umbrella was by mistake left home, you are rushing for dinner in the restaurant with your parents and people you have never met before. Long story short, I had brow pencil running down my face, making those fantastic dark lines. A bit of a product have still been on my brows, but it looked as I simply forgot to remove my makeup the night before or as I decided to let my eyebrows live carefree life. To make this story even more fail, I need to add that I haven't notice it until I got to the restaurant and saw my mum's shocked or rather terrified face.

You know, a normal girl would quickly say 'excuse me' and run to the bathroom. But it is not me. I have this weird thing that my brain plays lyrics from the songs I know in my head almost in every situation like this one. I can't control it! That happens without me even thinking of a random song.

This time it was Calum's from 5sos voice telling me:

When I woke, it was gone.
There was no tommorow.
(Song is called If You Don't Know in case you are wondering. Now when I listen to it, I imagine myself singing it about my eyebrows, lol. Is that because I'm single af or weirdo af?).

I burst into laughter. Yup, my eyebrows were gone and my face was looking dirtly because of brow pencil. May we also picture the number of people staring at me? Sence of 'No tommorow' position. Get what I mean?

My parents weren't impressed, though. I bet if they knew about song, they would join me in laughing. Instead, my mum lead me to the bathroom and helped to wash off what was left from the Master Shape.

And what do you know about social awkwardness?

Overall, I am still using Maybelline Master Shape. This time not on its own, but as addition to my typical eyebrow routine. It definitely gives a bit more definition and colour.

Do you have any funny stories involving your eyebrows? Feel free to share them in the comments! Have a fun Friday :)
Talk to you later xxx

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4 коментарі

  1. That story is hilarious. :)
    Brows are definitely my facial nemesis.
    I am 19 years old and I still haven't perfected my eyebrow technique.


    1. Untamed eyebrows is more than okay. They're always little rebels haha

  2. Omg that was a funny, yet horrifying situation to be in! I'm horrible with my brows, i totally need to put in more effort in learning how to deal with them.
    Your brows look awesome btw! And i love how you share about products and add in your personal story!

    xx Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. Oh, wow, eyebrows compliments are the best, thanks!