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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Generally speaking, reading or watching tags is one of my favourite ways to kill time. I also sometimes watch them whilst cooking, bathing and etc. just to have a nice background. Hate creepy silence!

Frankly speaking, inside of me lives a nosey who loves knowing opinions of others towards every imaginable topic.

For a long now, I wanted to do one called Beginner Beauty Guru. Even though I can't consider myself as a huge one, this tag really caught my attention! Don't take it too seriously, it is all for fun :)
See, BBG was originally invented for YouTube, so I did my best to rephrase questions to make them look more blog-suitable.

How did you come up with your blog name?
Without any deep stories. It somehow randomly appeared in my head. Time with Yana aka time that you spend with me aka hope you enjoy time that is spent reading my blog. Doesn't make any sense, right? Anyway, I thought it was great blog name. Do I want to change it? Absolutely no.

What are your favourite posts to read?
Literally everything except restaurant and book reviews. I am obsessed with reading blogs!

Are you a spender or a saver?
I am a mix of both. Sometimes I save, save and save, then buy one eyeshadow palette on those money. On other hand, I am very careful with purchasings, because there is nothing worst in the world than buying somethings and ended up not using it.

How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing photos?
I can spend one entire day inside doing blog stuff and on the next day don't think of it. Whenever I feel so inspired and have such a big desire to write, sometimes that happens at 5am, I grab phone or laptop trying to write as much as possible!
When it comes to photos, I am always up to editing. I enjoy the process of turning taken pictures to something more beautiful and better.

Are you wearing pants(jeans/skirt) right now or are you actually wearing pakama bottoms?
Hello, it was around 1:30am when I was writing this. Yay to pajamas.

What are some beauty things that you suck at?
That is certainly doing my hair. I have no idea how people do cool hairstyles. Did you sell your soul to satan? What is your secret? So, most of the time I keep my hair down, BORING!

How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
Depends what I am doing on that day. But it is usually not longer then one hour and I am ready to go.

What is your worst makeup/hair habit?
Falling asleep with makeup on. Literally want to punch myself in the face every time I wake up with panda eyes.

What is your follower goal by the end of the year?
I remember I said once my goal was 800-1000 followers or something like that? I can't exactly remember! Anyway, I kind of let go that goal. No matter what number my stats show,as long as there are people, you, who enjoy reading my blog, I am happy and thankful. Of course, if my blog gains a big following base, I will live as the luckiest girl in the world for one minute, then pass out :D
My biggest goal is to simply continue what I am currently doing, communicate with other blogger more, maybe work with companies and take my blog on 'whole new level' (so we might expect some changes but not crazy ones :D).

One quote that you wish the world would live by?
To pick up only one quote? On my God, it is going to be hard! I chose some of my favourite ones. Have a look.

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