Some More Ways Of Getting Spots

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello there!
I do not know if I have already mentioned it here, but my skin has been completely crazy since April. In the morning I can wake up with zero imperfections on my face and then, just few hours later, concealer is the only thing that saves me and others from seeing horrific spots and blemishes all over my forehead or even cheeks (maybe I am slightly dramatizing). See, there is nothing to do with my skin care routine as now I literally use only two-three trusted products.

What typical kid from 21st century does at such situations? Yup, Internet research. I have visited ridiculous number of websites reading and reading about acne, different skin types, etc. Lord, I feel as I could write dissertation on this topic (no, u can't soz).  So, I though to share with you weird ways of getting spots/irritation. Obviously there are some you may have already known and if you have any other ideas, then do not forget to leave a comment.

1) Dirty Makeup Brushes
Frankly speaking you will be surprised how many people have never cleaned their makeup brushes. Ummmm, sorry but disgusting. Okay, I bet you know what the fuss is all about. It won't just make a huge difference for makeup. It also helps to keep bacterias away from your face. Personally I clean foundation and countoring brushes once a week and every two weeks I turn my lazy evening into a massive cleaning session. Although there are about ten makeup brushes in total, but it is already a stress for me! I am so proud of girls who have thousands of various makeup brushes yet manage to keep them all nice and clean. Well done!
Anyway, back to the topic. So for examply, you are breaking out and using your favourite foundation brush as per usual. Every time when doing makeup, more and more microbes from spots gets on the bristles. Did you know that it might be one of the main reasons why it takes so much time for your skin to calm down?

2) Touching your beautiful face millions times a day
Raising my hand as feeling extremely quilty about this one. I promise I will soon ask my friends and family to throw something at me when my hands reach my forehead. If I am bored or reading or having thinking process going on or waisting my life lying in bed, I am always rubbing my forehead. Whyyyyyyyyy?
At this time dirt that is on your hands ends up spreading across your face.

3) Not using any moisturizing products
No matter what your skin type you are, it is possible, I would even say important, to find the right moisturizer. Otherwise your skin proceed too much useless oils which equals more imperfections.

4) Pillowcase
Here is when complication comes. Basically if you finally got rid of break outs, you should change a pillowcase to avoid getting spots again very soon.

5) Boyfriend's beard
Aaaaaaand you can do nothing with it. Seriously, don't you dare. Just to let you know that your boyfriend's facial hair might cause irritation on your face when you are, for example, kissing.

Hope you are having a good day, see you soon x

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  1. This post is so true. I am so bad at cleaning my make up brushes. I do try, but it is every two weeks I do it. I don't wear make up all the time, everyday so I don't feel the need to do it every week. I don't touch my face a lot either. But I am gonna keep these tips in mind. thanks.


    1. Sometimes I go through stages when I'm obsessed with cleaning makeup brushes, but then forget about it. I decided to solve this problem by setting a reminder on my phone x

  2. This is such an interesting post! I've been breaking out so much recently, I never thought that it might be down to a bad moisturizer or because I keep touching my face! Would be great if you could check out my latest fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

  3. OMG I never thought about the boyfriend's beard! thats why I have been having spots lately haha. I will blame him! xx

  4. OMG I never thought about the boyfriend's beard! thats why I have been having spots lately haha. I will blame him! xx