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Friday, June 19, 2015

You can now blame me for doing another lipstick post. The second in this month, I guess? But anyway I decided to share with you my favourite lip colour that I have been wearing almost every day of June. It is Revlon lip butter in shade 'Sugar Plum'. And do not even say me that I am too late to join this party! I know, I know.

To begin with, Revlon lip butters are well-known for their moisturizing and hydrating formula. They are a good replacement for boring lip balms which usually don't have any colour. Besides that, if you find yourself running late in the morning and there is no extra time left to apply lip balm first, lipstick next, then this goodie can be your life savior. I would also recommend it to girls who aren't that into lippies, yet still want to have some colour on their lips.

At first I was slightly worried about wind+hair+lip butter situation. Fortunately my expectations were not justified! Sheer finish, healthy, full looking lips are guaranteed.

As you can see from swatch I made, pigmentation is quite impressive as well. Being frankly, there is one more lip butter in my collection, just different shade, and I absolutely hate it! Do not understand why, but that another one has HORRIBLE pigmentation and completely ruined my first impression of this Revlon lipsticks. Well, I am kind enough to give everything or everyone second chance :D

Following this further, I understand that summer is all about bright lip colours, nevertheless for me it is impossible to give up dark berry lipsticks. Obviously, Sugar Plum belongs to those. Marvelous, ideal berry colour which has deeply etched into my heart. Wow, it was too deep for describing lipstick's colour, huh?

Do you have any summer lipsticks recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

Talk to you later x

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6 коментарі

  1. I think this lipstick looks more like a nude with a tinge of pink/purple undertones rather than a berry, but I guess I can't really tell.

    I haven't tried revlon lipsticks yet, but I have been meaning to because of the hype surrounding them.


    1. It definitely doesn't look nude on lips! Maybe it's my camera's fault haha

  2. I was looking at these lip butters the other day and I was thinking of getting one! Yours looks absolutely beautiful :) I'm not one for sheer lip products but will definitely give this a go at some point. Picture looks gorgeous :) xxx

    1. Lip butter really worth giving a try. Perfect lipsticks for summer!

  3. Really need to pick some of these up, they look so nice!