Being Social Online Is Important And Some Ways To Promote Your Blog

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hello! Today I thought to mix up my beauty related posts and write about a different topic. From the title you can see it is going to be all about blog traffic and how to make others visit your blog a bit more often. At the same time I want to remind you that I am not an expert, just a girl sharing her experience.

First thing first, your content should be interesting. Write about things that are close to your heart and you passionate about.  Simple as that! Next step is promoting. One of the easiest and definitely best ways of doing it is by using social networks like Twitter, Instagram or whatever you prefer. For example, there are lots of RT accounts on Twitter, which are super helpful at sharing your posts with people. My favourite ones are @LovingBlogs@BloggerFYI and @RT_bloggers. However, do not forget about hashtags. Three hashtags to remember: #lbloggers, #fbloggers, #bbloggers. They work for Instagram too. No, I have never spend more than two hours browsing throught these hashtags.

Social Network. Hmmm, see the word 'social' that people usually tend to forget? Be social. Leave comments on other blogs and basically interact with people from your niche. Make blogging friends. If you are as shy as I am, it might be tricky for you, but haha no worries. My goal right now is not a particular number of followers or views, I want to communicate with other bloggers more and more. It has been great to sit here, in my small cozy comfort zone, but I am waving goodbye. Trying to do this. Meeting new people is always fun, right?

My advice is pretty obvious. Take part in Twitter chats. It is not necessary to be a part of every chat out there, you can choose few days in a week, when you are going to spend one hour discussing and chatting with bloggers. I actually wish blogger chats lasted more than one hour! Such a cool feeling to be (virtually) surrounded with people who have the same interests as you do. And all of them are the kindest and nicest human beings you have ever talked with. By the way, the good 'ol replies to tweets also counts. 

If your aim is to increase the blog traffic, then try StumbleUpon website. Looking for a place for finding unique websites and killing a couple of hours of your life? Welcome.

That it is for today, love you x

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4 коментарі

  1. I don't think my blog would be doing as well as it is without my twitter or instagram or facebook. I use them nonstop to promote my blog, I have been in a few blogger chats but I definitely need to engage in some more. I literally forget a lot of the time and end up regretting it. :)


    1. I usually forget about most of the chats or have a nap when they're on. However, I think it's impossible to keep up to dated with every one of them, so join only few at the end of the week :)

  2. that is a great post!
    by the way, your blog is lovely! <3

    1. thaaaaanks, you can't even imagine how much it means to me xx :)