What Is In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello everyone! 

Don't know about you, but I am a bit of a nosey person - what's in my bag/makeup bag posts or videos are among the list of my favourite ones. Isn't it interesting to know what others carry around with them? As well as that, they can also share some very helpful life hacks. I have few trips planned at the end of the month, so my travel makeup bag is always packed&ready to join me on an adventure. Let's have a look inside of it! 

My tip number one is pretty obvious. Do not to take with you the entire makeup collection or even huge variety of products. You won't use them anyway. Oh and what about using bronzer as an eyeshadow or lip gloss/lipstick as blusher? I promise you that does work! Also choose what is going to be a "dominant" in your makeup looks and put some more of these in the makeup bag. For example, for me it is different lipsticks/lip pencils and in general there are usually about five of them in my handbag. I'm definitely not obsessed.

Next I recommend grabbing a mascara that gives a lot of volume. In this case, you won't be messing a lot with eyeshadows. Make sure all necessities are taken to create a strong eyebrow game. Last but not least, put in your makeup bag a foundation which you are using the most and voila, you are ready to go now!

So in my travel makeup bag you will find:
And some lippie bits
Maybelline Intense Velvet Drama in three shades - "Nude Perfection", "Minimalist" and "Pink so Chic"

The first three listed products make me feel confident and look like a normal human being. That is my basic of a good makeup. Then Color Tattoos come in handy when I want to safe some place in a bag. I can call them my favourite eyeshadows (after Naked 3 of course). When the sun is out, On and on bronze or Metallic Pomegranate are the most beautiful shades I have ever seen. Also the long lasting power of Color Tattoos is quite impressive.

That is it for today! Let me know your travel makeup essentials in the comments below. Love you, Yana x

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8 коментарі

  1. I love all of the products that you've mentioned!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. Oooh where are you travelling? I hope you have fun no matter where you go. :)
    It is definitely right that less is more in terms of traveling and packing.
    It surprises me how multifunctional many cosmetics are. :)


    1. Nothing super crazy - just visiting few cities in Poland :) wish I could go somewhere really far and never come back again, haha :D
      As I am quite lazy (oops), I try to take everything that possible from makeup goodies.

  3. I love maybelline color tattoos! so pigmented and blendable. i've heard so many good things about that mascara but it just doesn't work for me :(


    1. So sad to hear that :( LS is my favourite ever mascara

  4. I really like the color of the eye shadows! I don't usually travel with too much just a bronze shimmer palette, eyeliner and sometimes a lipstick too.


    1. I can't resist putting a bit more of a stuff. Just "in case".