What is a Nude Perfection?

Monday, April 27, 2015

I am back with brand new purchase - lip pencil Maybelline Intense Velvet "Nude Perfection"! Another lip pencil. Another nude. Sorry not sorry.

If you can remember, I have already shared a review on two other shades, "Minimalist" and "Pink So Chic", from this Maybelline's range. Click here to head over to that page.

Again I am highly satisfied with the quality of this Intense Velvet lip pencil. Although I have noticed that Nude Perfection is more creamy than my another ones, even kind of moisturizing I would say, so that is a certain goodbye to chapped lips due to a lip pencil. Do not know if it is only me, but I own three of these Maybelline goodies, however, they all differ in formulas. Isn't this thing kind of weird?

Let's have a minute of appreciation of its colour. I have never seen anything prettier! 90's stunning nude. That was enough for me to swatch and instantly put Nude Perfection in a shopping basket. It has rather brown undertone and I was searching for such shade during the last few weeks. Most of them looked strange on me but this one is super gorgeous!

What is your go to lippie at the moment? Tell me in the comments x

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  1. Omg I love this shade!! Loving nudes at the minute :) followed you on bloglovin xx


    1. I'm all about that nude too, haha! Thank you, I followed you back x