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Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello everybody! Hope you're doing great :)

It is not a secret that when a girl finally founds the perfect mix of products for the foundation routine, she feels as the happiest person on the planet. Well, if you are not makeup enthusiast then you might not understand this, but anyway :D

As for me I hate full coverage foundations. Yep, there are lots of occasions when it is needed, however, on daily basis I simply can't stand that thick, heavy product on my face. Skin wants to breath too! Therefore, BB creams are my favourite to use. I have tried so many of them, yet caught myself returning to Maybelline Dream Pure and The Body Shop All-in-one BB creams. They work the best for me and I will obviously repurchase them billions of times till something better will be discovered by me in the world of beauty.

Not sure if it's alright, although I love mixing them together to get that ideal kind of foundation. As Maybelline's one covers better than The Body Shop's one, I use it on areas where there are more imperfections. And All-in-one BB cream helps me to achieve a gorgeous healthy glow. By the way, it can easily replace highlighter if you are doing makeup in rush.

For concealers, Essence Stay Natural and L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable are my go to ones. These are very easy to blend, so the natural look is guaranteed!

I use Stay Natural mostly for the dark circles as well as covering redness and defining lips if wearing bold lipstick. It is a light coverage concealer. One of the main disadvantages of this one is that it runs out really quickly.

L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable concealer is an oldie but a goodie. It is the best I have ever tried, such a good concealer for drugstore and the price for it's quality is slightly comic(I would be okay to pay more!). This concealer totally covers any breakouts, spots, pimples and etc.

Tell me in the comments what do you like to use for the foundation routine. Love you and will talk to you later x

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  1. I've never used BB cream before but I am thinking about trying some because my skin doesn't need too much coverage a lot of the time. I'll probably try the maybeline one if I try any!

    Nice to see you've found a good foundation routine.
    I like the rimmel wake me up concealer and foundation at the moment.

    My favourite high end foundation is the Benefit: Hello Flawless Foundation!