In Case of Lacking of Inspiration. Blogging Breaks.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

In a particular point of blogging lots of us come to the stage when our heads are completely empty and there is rather Sahara Desert with tumbleweeds than Niagara Falls of ideas. You have no motivation to write, take photos or even think about basic blog post ideas. Quite worrying and scary time, huh?

I have been there few times. It was so weird that I felt like vegetable laying on a shelf in a supermarket. My level of inspiration
was on zero. However, that also could be said about my life in general. I did not want to go out - just to stay in bed watching different videos on YouTube, time to time scrolling through pictures on Instagram. When I am in such mood I think it is wiser to be hiden in four walls because my mood should not affect anyone. Therefore I stopped posting as people would also get those disgusting negative emotions.

For me blogging break used to be the most dreadful thing ever existed. What if I won't return afterwards and my pause would turn out to last forever? How could that happen if my blog means hella a lot to me?

Nevertheless then I decided to give it a go. I am not machine and needed a rest. I had to find inspiration again.

As I usually write couple of blog posts just in case, the decision was to publish those ones and after that miss two uploading days. In summary it was about one and a half week. I also told myself not to check out my stats every other hour, nor spending hours on Twitter or any other social medias.

There are no proper words to describe how fantastic it was! Seemed like my brain clicked on the restart button. Everything returned to its place. I think I have never been more inspired to do all the blogging stuff than on those kind of "holidays". Simply started to flick through old and new magazines, spent more time with friends, read a book and  was just enjoying life without a rush. In the evenings, when I was already in bed, I usually grabbed a notebook or even my mobile phone and started to write. My head became a chaos of ideas that I must to sort out. I could spend good couple of hours scribbling, scribbling and scribling. Guess this thing is my new habit now. Night for me is the best time to put ideas on paper as you are influenced with feeling and emotion you were living with during that day which are a massive push for writing. Because even if it is a review on a bloody eyeliner you want to put your hear and soul in it, am I right? 

This break was the best refreshment I have been looking for. So, if you are also feeling as me in the beginning, відкиньте panic and go for it! Blogging should mainly bring happiness and joy, not be a routine job or something you are keep doing because lots of your time was spent on it.

Sorry, can't live without lists. This one is a little conclusion of what to do in case of lacking of inspiration:
  • Take a break
  • Focus on something else
  • Have a reading blogs marathon. Maybe you will get inspiration from other people.
  • Go on a cheeky little adventure. Roadtrip? Visiting town next to yours? Any kind of gallery? Maybe zoo?
  • Spend a day without Internet. Could be hard but challenge yourself!
  • Read a book or your favourite magazine.
  • Basically do something fun! It will definitely charge you up(hope I didn't make up this word combination and embarrassed myself more, lol) with inspiration.

Always do what makes you happy :) x

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4 коментарі

  1. Great tips, I'll use this when I need a break! x

    1. Glad you found my blog post useful, have a lovely day x

  2. A day without the internet wow that will be difficult but will try it, great post

    1. Thanks x
      I challenge you to try it! Especially in the summer :)