Thinking About Future Whilst Eating A Birthday Cake

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wohoo, it is my 16th birthday today! *still thinking I'm 12*

When I was about 10 and, liked watching Disney films more than everything, I believed that when I will be 16 I would also go to different parties and my life would be super funny and, of course, attractive boy would enter class I'm learing at. Or even become a princess. Thanks Disney for giving me great hopes, haha.

That is so hard for me to realise I am celebrating my 16th birthday. And then in just few years, we all know how time goes by so fast, I will be celebrating my twenties. Wait, wait, wait, am I becoming an adult? Please, no.

I need to admit, at least to myself, I am scared&nervous about growing up, choosing a profession and about future in general. What is waiting for me? Who would still be my friends? Where would I live? An anourmous deep confusion.

These question I usually ask myself few times a week. However, the answers are still not found. Should it worry me? Because it partly does and drives me insane every now and then.

On other hand, meh, whatever, I am enjoying life and will not let other people to make me unhappy. A life is not a life without dark sides, so I am completely ready for that too. Tommorow never dies, right?

Moreover I have no desire to be carried away. No way! That is my life and I am a boss, not destiny or whatsoever it is called.

I am building my own road. And the surface is not always plain. I hope my way will cross ways of other amazing people who will give me some great experiences but likewise few of these ways just have to go in parallel to mine, don't they?

Anyway, I am going to eat my cake now. Sending hugs to all of you, goodbye x

P.S I have been thinking for a long time to make a Q&A kind of blog post, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments or tweet me it and I'll be glad to answer!

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2 коментарі

  1. Happy birthday! 16 still seems so old to me and I forget that I'm 16 next year! It's crazy how close things actually are.

    1. Thank you!
      Haha, no worries you won't grow grey hair :D