The Liebster Award | Special Aura?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello beautiful people!

Since my first Liebster Award I've been nominated five times to make it. Haha, do I have special aura?

This week I received messages from this two lovely girls, Ornella and Sinéad, and I thought I publish two awards day by days as separated posts. To read the rules, please check out my first ever Liebster Award here.

In my second one I'll write my nominees&questions, so stay tuned for that!

Here are my answers for Ornella's questions:

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
I don't want superpower. I just want to sing well. That's it!

If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life what would it be?
Black? There are lots of nice clothes, shoes and accessories in this colour, so why not? I actually don't mind wearing all the time.

You're accidentally locked in a room - who're you locked in with?
I think, if I would ever be locked in a room my friend Christina would be with me - we always get in funny and awkward situations. You won't be bored with us!

Tea or coffee?
Hard to choose because I like both!

Are you generally a messy person or a clean person?
I would call myself a clean person, but I can be a messy one time to times. Basically, if there's no stress, I'm clean person. If there're some more important things to care about at that moment, I usually say goodbye to tidiness.

What's your favourite season?
Summer all the way!

If you could pick one fictional character to be real, which one would it be?
I'm reading Allegiant aka third part of Divergent. Yep, maybe, I'm a little bit late for this party, but anyway, I LOVE these books so much! As you can guess, I would pick Tobias Eaton to be real *winky face*

What keeps you motivated to blog?
Energy, positivity, inspiration I get from running a blog and big smile on my face after hitting "Publish" button. I'll keep repeating billions of times that blog had helped me to find myself and I have been feeling endlessly lucky from the moment I created it.

What does your ideal Friday night look like? 
My version of ideal Fridays is friends+shopping/going to the cinema or cafe/wondering around the city+delicious food+lots of laugh

What's your favourite breakfast food?
Breakfast always was and always will be the main meal to me! If it skipped, I would be angry all day and my mood would be on the lowest lever ever. Usually I  have muesli with chocolate&milk(*that's super yummy, I promise*) to keep productive during school day! 

You're on the run, and you can only take three beauty items with you - what are they? 

For lips definitely Bourjois Rouge Edition Nude-ist, then All-in-one BB cream by The Body Shop and last but not least Naked 3 so I can highlight my eye a little bit with this gorgeous range of eyeshadows.

Next post will be up tomorrow x

P.S I have just realized I'm going on a school trip this weekend, so I may have no Internet&time to publish second Liebter Award on Saturday. Hope you understand me. See you on Monday with next post x

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