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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello there gorgeous readers!

Since I'm going on a little adventure in the Alps next week and all of the packing stuff is on it's way, I decided to make travel essentials kinda post.

If you are with me from the very beginning, then you already know I am in love with traveling. Visiting new places, meeting new people, learning about customs and cultures of others are my big passions besides beauty world. And big role in enjoing your time play things you carry in your handbag. Girls, let's be honest here, sometimes we put half of the Universe there "just because it's really important" and then dying of pain in shoulders and spine. Am I right? 95,9% yes.

I have already had lots of experience like that and it taught me few good lessons.

When it comes to roadtrips, I used to take with me at least two books, notebook, few pen or pencils, two makeupbags - one filled with actual makeup and another with medicine stuff (just in case), at least three skincare products and tons of other things. Who the hell needs that?

I felt so uncomfortable because I couldn't take out anything from my handbag and, basically, it was a complete mess.

Now only goodies that I need are traveling with me. Nothing more.

Here is my list of essentials for roadtrips:

I always leave it in the car anyway, so it won't overweight me. My problem is that I can't sleep without blankets. In general, it makes trip a little bit cozier.

Phone and headphones
The reason is obvious. Who can handle lots of hours without music? Not me. And also phone helps me to keep in touch with my friends.

Instead of bringing with me tons of books I download them on my device. Also I download few films to entertain me even more.

It has it's own bag and won't weight down my handbag as well! Camera is such an essential for me wherever I go and most of the time I carry it around because you don't know when photo opportunity happens!

Synergen Toner and Anti-Pickel Gel

These two products have became my holy grail ones! Toner works amazing, refreshes and cleans all of the dirt. Skin feels so soft and pure afterwards. Furthermore I usually get few pimples on roadtrips and Anti-Pickel Gel saves my life. Apply it on the pimple, wait for it to sink, wait few hours and voila, no more pimple!

Nobody likes messy and tangled hair. Also I want to look like normal girl when going out of car, definitely not like monster.

Maybelline Babylips

Again, as I have already said, it moisturize lips and give a little bit of colour as well. Super handy.

Bottle of water and snacks

Stay hydrated. If you don't drink enough water, you will get headache and general body weakness. Always take your favourite tasty snacks! It's kinda my anthem for roadtrips.

Well, simple as that.

What are yours travel essentials?
Till next time, Yana x

P.S I hope I'll manage to post normaly whilst I'm away!

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