Everything You Need In Life And Even More or Nic's Picks Set

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How are you today? Hope everything is awesome!

It's been few weeks since I bought Real Techniques Nic's Picks and I could not wait any longer to share my thoughts on it!

To start with, I would like to emphasize that does not matter how good your makeup products are if your makeup brushes are crappy. My biggest suggestion is to invest in good brushes and you'll feel and see your makeup goodies from other side.

I was looking for a set that would contain in itself necessary brushes for the various life occasions. For me that are face, cheek and eye brushes.

Wait a minute, Nic's Pics seems to be the best, right? Let's look!

So it includes such brushes:
duo-fiber face brush
cheek brush
angled shadow brush
base shadow brush
eyeliner brush

All of them have superb quality. First of all, bristles are soft and  do not fall out. Secondly, with these makeup brushes blending goes easily shade and it is pleasant to work with them in general.

Personally, my favourites from this set are eye brushes. Especially, eyeliner brush! It has never been that simple to do the liner! I feel control over every move of the hand, knowing that will get lovely results aftwerwards. Basically with use of these three brushes you can complete any eye makeup look. Again, base shadow brush is very good to do all of the blending, angled shadow brush is amazing to apply eyeshadow in the crease and eyeliner brush - to make perfect liner look (some girl even say that it is great to fill the eyebrows !)

Duo-fiber face brush and cheek brush are your best friend when it comes to doing concealer/foundation and blush/bronzer routine. They really help to make flawless finish and appearance of natural makeup.

To summarise, I think Nic's Picks is everything you need in life and even more. I'm not even surprised that it sold out so quickly, because they really do a great job and are just unbelievable!

What's your favourite brush set? Let me know!

Till next time, Yana xoxo

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7 коментарі

  1. I really wanted this pack of make up just because it seemed to have everything. I am in no way a master of make up and cannot really distinguish from a good and a bad brush from the packaging. My only real judge was reading this post which has made this product possibly be on my new years wishlist as well as my Christmas wishlist. I am in need of some brushes I believe and it's best to get a set because you'll be sorted. These sound great!


    1. Right! I love this set so much because it actually has everything I need for doing my makeup :)
      Thank for commenting! X

  2. i always wanted to get this set as i really love RT brushes!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's a £60 skincare giveaway on my blog here, if you fancy joining!

  3. i bought this set to! such a bargain for the quality i'm loving them to!


    1. Agree! These brushes are AMAZING!
      Thank you for visiting my blog X

  4. They look so good, it would take me a while to get in the habit of choosing which one goes for which though!!


    1. Haha, no that's easier than it actually looks :D