Why Carmex Is On My List Of All Time Essentials

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If you look on my makeup collection, you'll definitely say I'm lipsticks/lipliners obsessed person. I absolutely adore having a pop of colour or nice nude shade on my lips. Is it even possible to leave the house without applying lippy? HELL NO!

Whatever said, lip balms are what make lips beautiful and atractive. Usually lots of girls , me as well suffer from dry, chapped skin there. Sometimes there are days when I can't use anything but balm because of my terrible condition. That's so gross and makes me doing only one activity - staying home or covering my mouse with scarf if the weather is not very hot. Surely this is not the way of solving a problem.

I can't exactly count and name every single used product, desperately dozen of them haven't helped at all.

Last winter when I was introduced by my aunt to Carmex. Again I knew a lot about it from YouTube and blogs, but hadn't have a clue what it actually is.

Long story short, Carmex is a brand that makes great lip balms to help people fight with chapped or dry lips. Now, I believe, they have even skin care line with creams and lotions.

When product is just applied, you get tender pinches on the lips as icy snow began to melt on your skin when you got back inside the cozy and warm house. Although to be honest, at the first time I felt so much pain that I wanted immediately to throw this balm away! (God Bless, I have not done it).

About a week after usage, my lips have become softer, fuller and healthier. I simply could not stop enthusing them. From then it doesn't matter for me if lipstick is with moisturizing effect or not. Yay!

I really really like the smell of this balms, by the way. On other hand, there are some people who hate it. Yes, the scent is a little bit extraodinary&medical, however in this case I would not recommend buying classic, but with additional flavor one.

Overall, considering all my experience, I would say that Carmex is the best of all the lips care. What great is, you can select balm of the preferable type - squeezable lip gloss, tiny jar of lip cream, lipstick and others. Also a big plus is that most of them have SPF and your lips will be protected not only from dryness, but from the sun rays as well. Moreover the Carmex price is not high at all, so the brand is affordable for every customer.

What's your lip savior? I would absolutely enjoy to read about it in the comments below!

Catch up with you later, girls x

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  1. I'm still on the look out for a lip saviour. I've been using the Lush Lip Scrub to get rid of dead skin but haven't found anything that gives me the kind of moisture that I need which makes wearing lipsticks impossible as it doesn't sit right. I'll have to get my hands on some Carmex to see if that changes anything!

    And by the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the guidelines and questions here. The Liebster Award is about discovering new blogs and I'm glad I discovered you! :) x

    Ornella @ EUHNELLA

    1. Let me know if it will help you! Thank you so much for nominating x
      Answers will be soon, I promise!

  2. Love carmex! At the moment I'm using a Nivea lip balm and it's great!! x


  3. Love carmex! Especially in the winter


    1. Refuse even to think about winter without Carmex, lol