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Friday, September 19, 2014

  Today I want to write about something more important than fashion or make up. Maybe I went a little bit deep with this blog post. I don't know I just felt that I need to write this. Hope you don't mind :)

  Nowadays less and less people are happy about themselves. They say something wrong with their bodies, faces, noses, eyes, hair or character. In short, everybody insecure about themselves and what they do.

  Well, I feel the same. But something has changed.

  I've understood that nobody is perfect. There is no perfect people on the planet. Everybody makes mistakes and feel bad or depressed sometimes. You are not a machine, you are human. That's okay not to be good at everything and have perfect body. Why you need to pressure yourself to be in "social norms"? They don't exist!

  I believe everybody is beautiful in their own way. You are unique,so stop judging yourself. And split on everyone who bullies you. Don't be afraid to show them what you got,girl!
They are just jealous or want to have fun. If you stop paying attention on them, they'll stop making bad things or talking bad things about you. Yeah, sounds not that impressive, but works undoubtedly and also tested by me.

  I can't say I've been bullied for a long time, because I ignored that and made people understand that I won't let anyone to offence me. I'm not afraid to say directly what I think. Then people started respecting me. And it's better than being treated as popular. 
  In my opinion, in modern sociaty is very easy to lose yourself. Teenagers want to delight everybody, be loved by everyone and to be popular among their community. So because of that they are trying to play another character in life. But as outstanding Oscar Wilde said:

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.


Try not to become a person of success but rather a person of value.

  I totally agree with that and want people to follow these advices.

  What can be better than just being you? Why do you copy someone else? Why do you think that girl is beautiful, but you are not? Only because she has made everyone to think and say she is pretty. Tell yourself I'm cool and I can do everything. If you change your attitude to yourself, everybody will change it.

  I promise you, one day in the future, you'll say to yourself: 
What an idiot I've been! I thought I'm ugly and the worthless person on this planet!

  So spread your beauty,happiness, kindness and positivity in this world!

  Sending virtual hugs to all of you,


P.S OH MY GOD! Your smile is awesome! Could you please smile for me? Thank you! Have a nice day :)

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