Make up essentials for autumn

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Let's continue talking about autumn!
Today I decided to make a blog post about my autumn make-up essentials. Enjoy!

1. Red Lipsticks

These two lipsticks are the best I've ever tried. Perfect matte lips look. There are eight colors and shapes of those Bourjois Lipsticks, but I instantly fell in love with these two, which are in shades 02 Frambourjoise and 07 Nude-ist. Perfect red and perfect dark nude. If you haven't got it, go to drugstore nearby your place and try! It isn't expensive, yet good quality.

Also these Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks are long-lasting! You can't remove it while eating or drinking. 

Here are the examples:

Right after applying lipsticks

After rubbing swatches with my hand

And then I tried to remove it with water. Doesn't work!

2. Natural blushes

I prefer nude blushes for this season. Bearing in mind autumn make up look, we need to admit that red lipstick plays in important role in it and if we add peachy or nice pink blush we will look like clowns. In short,too much color! And also I feel like nude shapes give more refreshing for my face.

I bought Essence Silky Touch 40 natural beauty few month ago and I think since then I've been using it about every day. This one has good pigmentation and perfectly matches me.

Also sometimes I do contouring with this blush! Hashtag criminal. I mean, it looks more natural than using normal bronzer, so it's an essential for my non-special make ups.

3. Nude Eyeshadows Palette

I prefer eyeshadows to eyeliners. I find it more handy and easier to use. 
This Physical Formula Classic Nude Palette has all shapes of natural colors that you need for everyday make-up or any special occasions. There are three sections of shapes for looks such as natural, playful or dramatic. Basically, you can do everything you want with it!

Oh,can we for a moment focus on that gorgeous packaging? Marketing works well,doesn't it?

That's it for today! Hope it was interesting and useful information :)
What is your favourite make-up product for autumn?
Thank you for visiting my blog!
Stay positive,

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  1. Those bourjous lip stains are such a lovely colour! they look similar to the new Revlon ones too. And I totally agree i have that Essence shadow such a gorgeous highlight! xx