Autumn Spirit

Monday, September 15, 2014

Even though, it's third week of September I can't feel that "autumn spirit". The sun is shining,children are playing outside,birds are singing...Okay,okay,the only thing that reminds me of autumn is school. But let's talk about something more interesting :D

This whole week I've been looking for things that for me are associated with this season. I found some stuff and excited to share it with you.


Am I the only one who use candles only in autumn? I feel like I don't need them in spring or summer,because it's already comfy and cozy. But in autumn is definitely my essential. It's so nice to be back home after stressful busy day,see candles around your apartment and feel smell of them...In short,it's kinda paradise. 

2. Umbrella

I live in Western part of Ukraine,where weather is extremely changeable. It can be super cold and rainy in the morning,but sunny and warm in the afternoon. Anyway,you should always take your umbrella with you. Also rain makes me a little bit sad,so I have floral umbrella that makes my mood a little bit brighter 

3. Tea or Hot Chocolate with Cookies

Yummy! It's just super delicious and...That's it,no more explanation. 

4. Interesting book

I think,the best way to spend autumn evenings is reading your favourite book in bed under a blanket. Cozy,isn't it? 

5. Camera

Everything inspires me to make photos,because I think autumn is the most beautiful season. And also autumn fashion. Can we talk how cool it is? Looooove it way too much. 

What are your autumn/fall essentials? Tell me,please,in the comments!

Smile more,


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