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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Last week I quickly popped to the shop in town to grab toothpaste. After entering the drugstore - as it usually goes - by some sort of magic my legs brought me to the makeup counter. Have no slightest idea how something like that could have happened, lol! Then walking through aisles to check out, I soon realized I was holding three makeup items. And there was no sight of toothpaste tube in my hands. Well done, Yana, well done.

A huge advertising in catalog said there was an offer on Rimmel and I didn't have heart cold enough to ignore it. I picked up Rimmel 9-in-1 Skin Perfecting BB cream, a nail polish from Rita Ora collection in "Orangina" and The Only One lipstick in "Peachy-Beachy". Now, I don't think I used them that long to neither form a decent option about these products nor make reviews, thus this post is rather more on the first impressions side. 

Quite a long time ago I run out of my all time favourite BB cream, one by Maybelline for oily skin. Ever since I've been either reaching out for full on foundation or, on good skin days, it was alright for concealer and powder to do the job. Obviously, in summer I prefer less coverage than foundation, but sometimes the Face Situation requires more camouflage that my second option is able to provide. I have seen a few people here, online, saying positive things about Rimmel BB cream - in fact, I've been thinking about buying it a while ago, yet never came across doing it. Guess, some super powers were trying to tell me to wait for better times aka sales/offers. Thank for that, pals. Anyway, when I glanced at displayed BB creams I was left with a little disappointment. Is it a common thing for most high-street brands to sell such small variety of BB cream shades? Nonetheless, I went with Medium which wasn't exactly ideal, but Light was too pale. How I wish there was a transition shade between these two! I general, this BB cream beat all my expectations. It is hydrating, smoothing and gives a nice coverage even for semi-good skin days. Also, it survives the heat and thanks to SPF 25 works as a wonderful UV protector, tested by me in 39℃.

As soon as I spotted this pretty nail polish Orangina I almost fainted. No jokes. Hidden on the top shelf among many other a bright hot orange colour still stood out the most. Doesn't it scream "summer" and "holidays"? For me it definitely does. Being fascinated by the colour I would have never guessed I would end up loving has led my lipstick obsessed brain to another thought, "You know what you need? An orange toned or coral lipstick! Yay!". 

Luckily, believe it or not, I picked up the very last tube of Peachy-Beachy. It's probably the most daring and the brightest lip colour I now own. Surprisingly, a combination of hot pink and orange is actually a very nice one, especially in a lipstick. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried neither my camera nor any editing tools could really capture that gorgeous soft coral, so here I am left with boring lipstick photo. Life is hard on me. In a nutshell, it is amazing summer lipstick: keeps your lips hydrated and doesn't a lack of pigmentation. I haven't tried any other lipstick from The Only One Rimmel range, but I can tell this will change the next time I go out "to buy toothpaste" as I love Peachy-Beachy not only because of its shade but also because of the formula.

I hope you all are doing well and I can't wait to blog normally again once I'm back from Croatia. That's probably the only reason why I don't feel too sad about going home!

My question for you is do you have any significant summer beauty or makeup items (a mist, a blusher, a moisturizer, etc, etc)? X

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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4 коментарі

  1. That nailpolish is gorgeous! It really does scream holidays to me! I love Rimmel, their Rimmel Kate Moss line has to be my favourite and also the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation too! Definitely a drugstore brand favourite! xx

    1. I love Rimmel too! Their products are always around my favourite ones in my makeup bag X

  2. I adore that colour nail polish for summer. I got a coral one from essence for the summer and I really like it! :) Rimmel is definitely one of my favourite brands. I've been really looking for something a lot less coverage than normal foundation so that is probably a good option. I think I'm an in-between shade like you and its so annoying not being able to get a good match!


    1. I'm pretty sure I know what essense nail polish you're talking about because my friend has one and it is gorgeous!