The A to Z Of Me

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Here is the A to Z of me! A few more facts about a girl behind this blog. 

- A -
A is for Aries. My zodiac sign.

- B -
B is for blogging. Obviously.

- C -
C is for Christina. My best friend.

- D -
D is for dogs. I'm that cliché dog person who doesn't own a dog. Damn it. 

- I -
E is for Elizabeth. The name my grandpa wanted my parents to call me, that never happened. 

- F -
F is for feminism. I'm a feminist from head to toe and proud of it.

- G -
G is for Gnocchi. Just a random fact: I am fancying Gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese as I am typing this.

- H -
H is for my height, I'm around 5'7"-5'8".

- I -
I is for ice cream. If you follow my Twitter account, you may have already know how much I'm obsessed with it, LOL! 

- J -
J is for Jade. A Bratz doll I used to be obsessed with when I was a little girl. Does anyone else remember Bratz? 

- K -
K is for Kindness. I'm kind to everyone, my mum raised me right. The opposite, rudeness, is something I can't stand.

- L -
L is for lipstick. My absolute necessity in any part of the day.

- M -
M is for mythology. Reading Greek mythology is one of my guilty pleasures, not going to lie.

- N -
N is for New Zealand. In one of my previous posts, Top 5 Places On My Travel Bucket List, I already talked about this: there is no way I die before stepping my foot on NZ foil.

- O -
O is for Olaf. My favourite Frozen character. 

- P -
P is for photography. I love taking photos either for the blog or for literally my own enjoyment!

- Q -
Q is for quality over quantity, no matter what small or big decision I have to make.

- R -
R is for Rome. It is a very special city for me not because of it historical value or breathtaking architecture but rather because of the memories I made there with my best friend 

- S -
S is for sea. It calms my anxiety and takes away all bad thoughts. I hope I'll live by it one day when I grow gray and old. 

- T -
T is for travelling. Does this one really need a decent explanation? 

- U -
U is for Ukraine, a country I'm from.

- V -
V is for Volume. I hate high volume on TV/in headphones or any loud noises in general. Since Mother Nature felt guilty for my bad eye sight, she decided to gift me with a very good hearing. Whisper in the next room to me and I will still be able to tell what you're talking about! 

- W -
W is for writing. I do really enjoy it and find it to be very therapeutic.

- X -
X is for xxx aka text kisses. I accidentally formed a habit of leaving at least one x at the end of every message I send. From time to time, this turns into rather an awkward situation, LOL. 

- Y -
Y is for YouTube. I'm a proud member of Let's-Binge-Watch-YT-Videos-Like-There-Is-No-Tomorrow club. 

- Z -
Z is for Zara, one of my favourite places to shop for clothing.

Phew, I did struggle to come up with the words for a couple of letters! Let me know if we share any things in common and don't forget to tell me a fact ot two about you X

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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6 коментарі

  1. I loved finding out more about you, I'm also really in to photography! I do the kisses thing at the end of messages thing too and it can be a bit awkward sometimes!! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you! I once sent kisses in text to my dad's best friend, awks :D

  2. Awh I love these kinds of posts. I should definitely do one in the future.
    Oh my god, I used to be absolutely obsessed with Bratz dolls, Yasmin and Chloe were my faves.
    Also you're 5" 7 , that's so tall. I'm so short :(


    1. Please, do one, Ellen! It'd be so cool to discover more facts about you.
      Eeeek, I'm so happy to find another person who used to love Bratz, haha. That brings back many good childhood memories.
      I'm going to tell you a secret. Although I'm 5'7", I'm one of the shortest girls I know, haha X

  3. I know this comment is late, but OMG YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE YANA!! So stunning in that dress :) I really like this post, it's lovely to hear you sum yourself up in such a positive way and find ways I relate. Milly xx

    1. Thank you so much! It is actually a photo from my prom, haha X