Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Long time, no see no makeup of the day blog posts. I genuinely missed sharing my favourite makeup looks here! Right after marking down in my notepad a reminder to work on something like this, I opened my e-mail to a lovely surprise from Glossier team. They are currently working on creating a Pinterest board that will inspire everyone to show off more pink in their beauty, style, art and everyday bits. Make sure to check it out here! No surprise, I am very excited and grateful to be invited to join them along!

I could never imagine such words to slip off my mouth: I am slightly bored of wearing a lot of products on my face every day. I am blaming this on summer and heat. Besides, my skin finally decided to join my list of friends and co-operate with me. It is definitely too far from being called perfect, however, I do feel a lot more confident now! So why to camouflage that, right?

I also have another reason for this change of my typical beauty obsessed mind. My brain subconsciously took inspiration from my bestie and pictures on Glossier IG page. Making a long story short, I currently adore the effortless simplicity in makeup. Nothing heavy on the eyes - maybe a coat of mascara and pink eyeshadows on some days, soft colours on cheeks, natural lip and concealer if TV-shows and films did not allow me to fully enjoy the beauty sleep at night.

Products I used:
Clinique blush "New Clover"

Not going to lie, I envy those of you living in the US as you have an access to lots of fantastic Glossier products. And what is left for the rest of us? Waiting for international shipping to be available, constantly refreshing the beauty products page to only make our wish list longer and longer.

Speaking of that, do you have any Glossier goodies on your wish list? Or are you lucky to own some of their products? Let me know in the comments X

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