Life Update #2 | Graduating school, getting back on track with blogging&summer plans

Saturday, May 28, 2016

It's been about two months since the time I did one of these life update posts, so I thought I would write another one because I enjoy to go back and reread what I was up to in the previous days. Hope you don't mind either to seldom have a peek inside of the life of moi.

I FINISHED SCHOOL, WOOHOO! A storm of emotions inside mainly consists of sadness and excitement that change one another every few minutes. 11 school years simply disappeared in hands of past - a new chapter is right ahead of me.  Adult life is not something I'm looking forward to, because I'm terrible at it, LOL. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see what future holds for me.

Besides that, for me the exams are over. I still have English one to pass on 7th of June. Frankly speaking, it doesn't feel like a big deal after maths exam, which was a pure hell. Anyway, I'm now slowly but surely getting back on track with blogging. I did really fail in this department over the last couple of months, didn't I? Especially bad at interacting with other bloggers, thus, Twitter chats, here I come.

Also, summer of 2016 is probably the last laid back summer I'm going to have in the next decades. I built many plans and came with a few other ideas that I have already written down in my bullet journal. Speaking of which, it is now my favourite way to stay focused and organized! Have you given in to this trend? By the way, I'm planning on writing a blog post about my experience with this system in the following weeks, because I simply love it and would recommend to everyone. Where was I a minute ago? Summer plans, right? My two goals in particular for these three months are A) spending as much time outside having fun and exploring the world as possible B) improving and enlarging my English vocabulary. Are there any things you are looking forward to this summer?

So that is it for this Saturday evening. Hope you're having a lovely one! X

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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6 коментарі

  1. Congrats on finishing school! I hope you have an amazing summer 2016 :)

    Edye | Http://

    1. Thank you lovely! Hope you'll have a fun one too X

  2. Oh my god Yana I haven't been on your blog in ages so I thought I'd have a browse through! Well done on finishing school! I'm sure English will be a breeze for you seeing as your blog is pretty well written in English! On June 7th I have a US embassy appointment so we'll both have something going on and I'll be thinking of you! Enjoy the summer as much as possible girl! I want to get a bullet journal and staff it in June!


    1. Safe to say I was bad at checking out your blog too 🙈. Spring was just such busy and crazy time for me, so I can't wait to relax in summer!
      Yeah, both of us will have something big to do that Tuesday, haha.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Ellen ♥♥

  3. Aww you'll have a brilliant summer! :) x