So... Skin colours, huh?

Saturday, August 06, 2016

This post is a little bit different to what we all used to see here, on TimeWithYana. I am just so tired of one thing. Like tired tired.


In the beginning, there was no variety of skin colours. Black was dominating. Once upon a time a girl found a papyrus. It said  that in the world exists such river which water is able to permamently turn human skin into a different colour. News spread by word of mouth and a decision was made. To go and find the magic place. After walking desert lands for many years, people finally got to their, so desired, destination.

The ones who stood in the front of the crowd jumped quickly in the water without waiting for everyone else to arrive. Greed was always a part of human nature.

The magic worked - people came out of the river with white, like snow, skin. Yet the water now looked quite dirty. Hence the next who dived into the river got yellow skin.

All those who stood behind at that moment were sad and disappointed. There was no point of going into the river - it was all brown and greasy. Magic would not work for them. They decided to only lower their hands and feet into the water.

The end. The most typical boring story, huh? Probably something the majority of parents would tell their kids when a question "Why do people have so many skin colours?" raised. I guess, it is easier to hang noodles on your four-year-old child's ears than to start explaining them about melanin.

Skin colour is nothing else than a skin colour. There is no myth behind it  - the level of skin pigmintation is simply one of the types of adaptation to the conditions one lives in. It doesn't define a personality of person, nor does it show their level of intelligence or social position.

If your opinion on someone based on their skin colour that I have bad news for you. You're an idiot. Good news? There is a way to change it: stop supporting racism.

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  1. Great post! I hate racism, it's completely unnecessary and disgusting :( xx

  2. Love it, straight to the point and so true! Completely agree.

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