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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good afternoon! Let me share few of my beauty tips with you ♡

#1 If you don't want to do makeup, then don't do it. And if you want, of course, do it! It's your face and only you can decide what to do with it.

#2 Skin is a mirror of what you eat.

#3 Non makeup days is a need for your skin!

#4 Always buy makeup products in shapes and colours that matches you.

#5 Make sure your face and neck are the same colour after your foundation|powder routine.

#6 Always remember that less blush is better than more blush.

#7 It's better to have your own eyebrows instead of making them daily with different eyebrow sets or pencils.

#8 Add a little bit of lipgloss in the middle of your lips to make them visibly bigger and healthier.

#9 Using lipliners instead of any other lip products would also make lips visibly bigger.

#10 Don't forget to smile whilst applying blush - you'll definitely see where you need it.

#11 Use highlighter or light eyeshadow under your eyebrow to give it more definition.

#12  Apply eyepencil directly on the lash line. It adds colour, definition and makes lashes look fuller. 

#13 Brown eye pencil and brown mascara is a must-have for "no makeup" makeup.

#14 If you want your eyes to appear bigger and rounder, then apply more mascara in the middle of your lash line.

#15 To make almond shape eye then focus mascara in the outer and inner corners of your eyes.

#16 Water, fruits and vegetables are the best friends for your skin as well as for your whole organism.

#17 Always remove your makeup.

#18 Once or twice a week use face masks. It cleans your skin from all the dirt.

#19 Don't forget about moisturizing your skin.

#20 When you have spots or blemishes, sometimes it's better to stop using makeup then cover everything under tonnes of concealer.

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