How To Survive School?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well, well, well. School? 

I think everyone would agree that school is a bit of stress and concern for students. But! No need to give up to the difficulties. Believe in your strength and enjoy your time. You don't have to pressure yourself to do all school things, in fact, it is impossible. Take a slow deep breath...and exhale :) 

First of all, you are a human and this is a being who makes mistakes. It's okay. Do not worry too much about exams and lessons. This is not the end of the world, I promise you. 

To make it easier, make a rational allocation of time. Notebooks and lists to do will help you. Divide your day so that you had time for test preparation as well as just chill with your favorite magazine. 

Rule number two is a good sleep. Do not do as me and don't spend half a night watching YouTube videos. Lol. For better sleep, take a warm bath, drink a tea, read a book or listen to calm music. By the way, you can take a nap through the day time. 'Cause why not?

The best way to escape from stress and relax is your hobby. For example, when I sit down to write a post or make video, I forget about everything in the world! 

Make sure you follow a balanced diet. It means that everyday you need certain proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (1:1:4). Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables which contain vitamins that are necessary for normal functioning of the organism. Did you know that headaches can be caused by dehydration? So do not forget about water, tea, juice, etc.

One thing that personally me really helps to survive school is traveling. Visiting different places, meeting new people, exploring world around us makes those changes in my head and soul that are vital for my well-being.

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2 коментарі

  1. I'm so guilty of staying up and watching YouTube videos or surfing the internet. Getting good sleep really does help survive college life, or any school life! I'd like to add to your list; Planner! it's a life saver!

    - Dawn,

    1. After starting blog planner actually saved my life! Now I have everything organized :)