Monday, October 06, 2014

I read about #GiveSight campain on the Blonde of Carbs blog (click here to get more information) and decided to join it.

What sight means to me?

Sight  is my greatest wealth. Money, expensive things, cool devices and clothes, in short, any wealth can not even be compared with the value of it. Personally I have bad eyesight, so one of my biggest fears is to become blind and never see the world and people around me.

Can you imagine that millions of people live in total darkness? And some of them lose their sight only because of lack of medical treatment and poor level of life in countries where they live? 

  • Sight is opportunity to learn, work and communicate with society.
  • It allows me to easily explore the world and travel.
  • This is an opportunity to do what I love and enjoy.
  • Eyesight opens opportunities for me to enjoy and use all the benefits of life.
  • This is an opportunity to enjoy the first snow, the first fallen leaf, the first sunlight.
  • It makes you physically independent from other people.

And,of course, sight allows me to write blogposts.

Take care,

   Yana Xxx       

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