NYX HD Concealer

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cheers for my first ever concealer review, LOL. The thing is I'm picky as hell when it comes to purchasing and using this makeup product. As dramatic as it sounds, that's such a struggle to find a decent concealer, which would perform the best on you! Around April time I finally got my hands on few NYX goodies and one of them was NYX HD concealer. According to a couple of websites, it is actually among NYX's bestselling products. Long story short, let's see if it worth checking out.

HD concealers come in quite a variety of shades with different undertones, which means there's most likely to be the one that would match your skin tone almost perfectly. Additionally, if you want to up your makeup game even more, try out the pastel yellow, lavender and green ones for colour correction.

The formula is creamy and lightweight, yet the concealer provides medium to full coverage. It is also super pigmented, so you won't need to use that much of the actual product. Another thing I have already noticed about NYX HD concealer is that it works better with setting powder. If you don't use one or accidently forgot to apply it, let's just say, the situation will turn into a nightmare. As a result, the concealer will fine every, even the smallest, line, especially in the under-eye area. However, with a little help of powder HD concealer does work miracles and last throughout the day for many hours.

Personally, I use it for covering both dark circles and any blemishes/spots that might appear out of nowhere on the days when I have to look my best. I guess, my body just loves me too much. Anyway. Fair to say, NYX HD concealer is the most amazing concealer I have ever tried out! It never leaves my skin looking patchy, dull and cakey. Besides that, I absolutely love using it for dark circles. One swipe with the wand, a bit of blending, setting powder, BOOM, you can now fool people you were sleeping in the night and not scrolling through Instagram.

To be honest, I don't find the powder thing to be very annoying, but there is another fact, which is always getting on my nerves. Had never seen other people complaining about this before though, I might simply be the winner in life. Basically, do you see the black letters on a packaging? Yup, those that have almost disappeared now. Every time I pick up this concealer, my hands are covered in black paint, which is super irritating if you prefer blending concealer with the fingers.

Overall, I think NYX HD concealer is da bomb. There are few cons, but they don't overweight the pros!

Let me know if you have this concealer and what do you think about it! x

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  1. This sounds pretty awesome, I use Mac concealer at the minute which is good, but I do like that this has a wand (my mac one is just a squeezy one I use with a brush) and NYX is generally better value for money I find. I really love their illuminator it's such a perfect Champagne Pop dupe and also I reallyyyyy wanna try the contour palette! Great little find xx

    Y x | www.thesweetsevenfive.com

    1. I'd love to try out MAC concealer, especially when so many people are raving about it!
      Ohh, illuminator! I swatched it once whilst shopping. SO BEAUTIFUL. Surely will go back and buy it. :)