What's in my bag?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello! How are you doing?

I don't know why,but I enjoy watching videos or reading posts about girl's handbags and what they carry with them. Well, I'm kinda obsessed with everything what is related to this theme.

I prefer big handbags to small or middle ones. Because I feel like all stuff that I need can't be carried in small handbags. Nevertheless, I hate mess in bags and always keep everything organized.

Last few month I've been loving this black&white handbag. Picture below:

It goes with every outfit - smart or casual, doesn't matter. This cutie gives that super-fashion-look and seems like you've spent lots of time thinking about what you're going to wear,but actually you haven't. Anyway,let's have a look inside of it!

My first must have is bottle of water. I'll never leave my house without it. Because if I'm thirsty and I don't have any watter with me I'll start panicking. So, I don't care if I will drink it or I won't. It just need to be in my handbag.

Little cheeky snack? Why not! Makes me happy and doesn't let me die from hunger. It always depends on my mood if I want to be healthy or not.

Okay,okay,okay my bag is not only fulled with food, but with some another stuff.

For example, my lipbalm is also always with me, because my lips are getting dry during a day. And as being addicted to lipstick I carry around few of mine :) At this moment it is L'Oreal. I'll tell you more about it in one of my next blogposts. So keep your eyes on updates!

I don't have tangled hair,but I feel that I need to brush few times a day. I never know when the moment will come, so this little handy hairbrush lives in one of small packets. It also had mirror,but I accidentally broke that part.

That's why I also have normal small mirror in my handbag.

Last, but not least my perfumes or body sprays. I found this Avon naturals body spray "Lily and Gardenia" in my bag today. It has nice floral refreshing smell and people usually give me compliments when I'm wearing it.

That's it! I think I admited everything that I always carry around with me.

See you soon!

Bye bye

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