25 Facts About Me

Saturday, September 13, 2014

For this first blog post I just wanted to share some information and facts about myself. So, here it is 25 random things about me and my life.

1. I’m Ukrainian.  That’s why I need to say sorry for my mistakes in English. But I do my best to improve it, so I hope we won’t have problems with that.

2. I HATE potatoes and I have no idea why! I’ll rather be starving than eating dishes made from it.

3. Travelling and meeting interesting people are always making me happy

4. My favourite genre of books is detective

5. I’m scared of trains, pigeons and crowds of small children. Like, seriously what could be worse?

6. Shoes, sunglasses, handbags and lipsticks are my favourite things to buy

7. I enjoy visiting dentist. Am I weird?

8. As for me, Italian cuisine is the best cuisine on the planet

9. My wrists are usually cold

10. I used to do contemporary dancing and pilates. But nowadays I’m just lazy ass. Sorry, I’m in no shape to exercise or workout *lolz* 

11. Chocolate is my biggest addiction

12. When I’m homealone I like singing to different song. Doesn’t matter that I can’t sing at all *poor neighbors*

13. My favourite book ever is “Pride and Prejudise” by Jane Austen

14. Wien and Paris are my favourite cities

15. I’m obsessed travelling by aeroplanes. I feel really relaxed and excited on board. And, God, those AMAZING views

16. I always think positive. There is no time to be negative!

17. I’ve always wanted a dog as a pet. But unfortunately, our flat is not big enough to keep one.

18. I have turtle! His name is Yupi :)

19. I used to be obsessed with “Hannah Montana” and “Tom and Jerry”. Yeah, I knew every single episode of both series

20. I think, it’s better to know painful truth than to live in a beautiful lie

21. Sometimes people think that I’m calm and shy… Then they get to know me better and it turns out that I’m not

22. Peanut butter is everything and I’m feeling sorry for people who are allergic to nuts

23. Eyeliner is a nightmare for me. How it is possible to get perfect “eyeliner look”? I don’t get it!

24. I hate people who are not punctual

25. Tv-series is definitely not my thing. I haven't watched any of popular series like Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, etc.

Hope you liked it! Next post coming soon.
Stay Positive,


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4 коментарі

  1. Totally agree, shoes,bags and lipsticks are my favourite things to buy too!! Why do you hate potatoes :( chips taste so good hahaha ��

    1. Lots of people ask me about that potato thing :D
      I think I don't like potatoes because I used to be obsessed with them. My body was consisted of potatoes :D
      But one day I even couldn't look at them anymore :(

  2. I think my body consists of potatoes too, love the things! I HATE peanut butter, however I do like salted peanuts, weird!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Oh yeah! I like having salted peanuts as snack x)