Nails Dilemma

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Woohoo, I am currently packing for my holiday and excitement is real now. You know, besides planning on outfits, makeup,  I like to pamper myself from head to toe before going away. Scrubbing, rubbing, moisturizing, face mask, nails and all that jazz. Hope I am not the only one who does that. Anyway, right now my mision is to pick up nail polish to take with me.

Oh and remember in one of the post I said how I can't stand doing my nails? Well, I am currently going through stage when you paint nails different colour every day... Just how fast the night changes hehe. Okay, it is not as crazy as you think, my collection isn't getting bigger day by day. What makes me even more boring, I prefer basic soothing colours, anything from nude to baby blue. Except pink or red shades, because I then feel like a part of Mean Girls gang.

I developed such huge obsession when I stole one of my mum's nail polishes last month or so. First of all, sorry mum! It was Sheer Love, Gel Finish Nail Enamel by Avon. I promise you, painting nails had never been that easy in my life before! As you can guess from the name of it, comparing to regular nail varnishes this one has gel-like consistency which I would say gives more distinct colour and there is no need to put extra layers to get one. Depending on how dark the shade is, sometimes you can go with only one layer. Also I have to add that range of Gel Finish nail enamels gives a perfect finish. If you read my last post, you will know I am quite messy, so this fact comes in handy for me.

I lost my mind a bit and went crazy with them, but I don't feel shame for that as there are some pretty cool colours in the collection! Additionally, my six sense is telling me when I finish up choosing my "holiday" nail colour , it will be somethings from Avon Gel Finishes. I love them!

By the end of the day I picked up two shades and doubting between them. They aren't summery nor very bright, but I like how they look on my nails.

The first one is a stunning nude beige called Barely There. It goes with everything without draining too much attention.  I know some people hate beige nail polishes, yet I have only love relationships with them.

Next one is Lavender Sky. Baby. Purple. Please, wait and let me have a little fangirl moment *screams*. Besides being a lovely  shade for nails, it is in general amongst my favourite colours. I can also say it compliments tan very well and looks great with my watch. Yeah, the answer is obvious, I will probably paint my nails with this one.

One tip before I finish: apply clear lip balm on skin around your nails to easily erase any unnecessary bits of nail polish. Time- and lifesaver!

What colour do you like paint your nails the most? 
Hugs x

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4 коментарі

  1. Have a great time on your holidays. :)
    Where are you going?
    I love those nail polishes, neutrals can be worn during the whole year so I wouldnt worry that they aren't summery enough.


  2. Love the shades of those nail polishes! Have you tried any of the Barry M gelly ones? They do a lot of neutral/pastel shades

    Laura x

    1. Haven't tried yet! I'm a newbie to the "world of nail polishes", so thank for recommendation, Laura :) xxx