Goals And Limits

Friday, July 24, 2015

One of the goals I set for myself at the end of May is to make more kinda outfit posts, yet it is currently 24th of June. Yup, l definitely live under the rule "Better late than never". Anywayyyy.

I think the main reason why I am such a lame at these posts is because...

a) I have no idea what to do with my body. WHERE SHOULD I KEEP MY ARMS?
b) There is nothing more awkward than posing for photo in a public place when everyone is staring at you
c) I feel dumb for telling others "Well, you know I kind of have a blog and earlier today I was thinking of a new post idea. Ummmm... Could you, please, take million photos of me so I then pick up about four of them to upload to my blog?"

Most likely this list could continue on and on, but I am already sick of me having excuses almost for everything. Why is this even a part of my character? My urge is to simply destroy it.

Basically, sometimes I sadly understand that the only one person who constantly keeps myself from doing what I actually want to is me. Nobody more. Just me and my limits. Thanks to my overthinking, I create them like a pro. Are there any ways you learn how to say your brain to shut up?

T-Shirt - Tom Taylor | Fringed Vest - TK Maxx | Skirt - Vintage | Shoes - Keds

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2 коментарі

  1. Yana! You really should do more outfit posts, these pics look really good, trust me.
    I haven't done any outfits in public yet, I do them mainly in my japanese garden at home. If you've a nice area at home you should definitely do it there. But when I'm in college I want to still do outfits so I am going to need another spot. I don't think people care too much what you're doing, they are more concerned with getting on with their own days. I love your fringed vest so much, it is so boho and quirky!

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    1. Thank you for such supportive comment! I'm getting better with it now :)