How To: Eyeliner. Quick And Easy.

Friday, July 10, 2015

As promised in the Reds&Confidence blog post, here are my tricks for doing eyeliner. Hope you will enjoy it!

To start off, I need to say that doing eyeliner is a pretty complicated routine for me. Problem number 1: my flicks always differs from one another. Problem number 2: my shaky hands. I get them not because my concentration is on point, it happens randomly (read: every time I do eyeliner or paint my nails) and there is no way to control that. Thanks body, please accept my most sincere gratitude. Long story short, I love how winged liner looks on me, but the whole process of achieving it is a real pain in the ass for me. For this reason, I decided to try out such various techniques shown on Tumblr and Pinterest, yet they haven't worked as good as I wanted. In this case improvisation really comes in handy.

You will need:
  • Patience. A lot of patience.
  • Any liquid eyeliner
  • Liner brush
  • Clear tape or any business card
  • Extras if you are as messy as I am: cotton bud, eyemakeup remover, concealer.

I always take liner brush and grab some product on it from the liquid eyeliner. Okay, realistically that doesn't make any notable difference, however, I find using eyeliner brush a lot more convenient and gives you a chance to fully control your moves.

Step #1
Line your upper lash line and stop near the out corner.

Step #2
Stick the clear tape to your skin in line with the bottom lash line. It will give you understanding where flick should be. Or use business card by holding it in the same way.

Step #3
Hurray! Your eyeliner is now done. If no, then here are some extra steps ( aka a normal must-steps for me):
If your liner still looks uneven, fix it with cotton bud and makeup remover. Need more definition? Apply concealer under the flicks. Additionally you can fill in the line with black eyeshadow just to add more colour.

Step #4
Woohoo, you have finished! Good job :)

Practise and more practise is a great tip too. Right now I feel a lot more confident in applying eyeliner and maybe in one month time or so will update you with new easy technique.

So that is it for today! Let me know what you think x
Also leave some of your advices as well!

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2 коментарі

  1. Hahahah I am lolling at your list of the things you need to do your eyeliner.. Patience LOL!
    Winged eyeliner looks really good on you.
    Unfortunately for me, I am terrible with eyeliner. I think I used to wear too much and now I have pretty much stopped completely. All I do now is use eye shadow and blend it out.


    1. Heyyyy, but you definitely need a good cup of patience for doing eyeliner! haha :D x