Fake Happy aka Sad You

Friday, July 31, 2015

Everyone knows what it is like to feel upset. Nothing makes sense anymore and all of your motivation suddenly gone. Sometimes there is a particular reason, sometimes you dip down in a low moment very randomly. However, in my opinion you should never deny it by fake-acting very hyper. It doesn't work, believe me.

At first, you will consider this play as fine one. Like, hey people do fake their moods, play different personas, so why I can't? Right? But here comes complicated and important step. Don't lose yourself by pretending to be happy, because that hurts even more.

I used to think if I abandon myself from my real emotions, they will magically disappear, wave goodbye and never return again. Ha ha, no, they stay with you, but you simply hide them away in deep corners of your mind and heart, where that sadness grows into a bigger chaotic ball. Weeks pass, you live life as usual, not talking about your problems. Who will care? Why should I overload others with my personal issues? I will better go on Tumblr and search for some quotes. At least that the way I roll. 

Then in a while, without any greetings, it will all come and slap you in the face. I would describe this situation as your body becomes a home for two people. Fake-happy you and sad you. Without any ruminations, your head turns into a field of a great fight. Eternal battle of feelings is a real struggle which you can't totally control. Staring at a blank space and zoning out, meet your new friends. 

Therefore during one of sleepless summer nights I asked myself a question. Isn't it normal to feel down? It is our emotion, so why should we hide it not only from others but ourselves too. Yes, you are sad. Yes, you want to cry. So let it go. Cry. Cry it away, however, don't eat, starve or punch it away. Survive it. Let sadness go through your skin, so it will leave. And it will do that as you aren't keeping it to yourself anymore. Then move in the direction of your happy place. Of course, that might take some time, but don't give up. If you need help, ask for it. Ask your friend, family, someone you communicate through Twitter or Instagram, therapist, basically anyone you are comfortable speaking to.

Never let sadness turn into self-made grenade that will slowly, yet surely destroy you. Ignoring issue is not the way of solving it. Keep that in mind.

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4 коментарі

  1. I think if you're sad you just need to be sad. Everyone has days when they feel like poop so there is no point pretending you aren't human. :) Nice little reminder though for those who do feel the need to hide that they're upset.

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    1. I wish there was a magical button that would delete such days from our lives haha :)

  2. I learned this the hard way. I hope some people read this and are able to allow themselves to be sad. It's okay for people to know you are sad too. Like Ellen said above, everyone has those days. It's okay! Good post Yana (:


    1. Thank you, Kay! I also learned this lesson in not the best way possible, so I hope my post will be like a little message that it's completely fine to feel that way and you are never alone, there are people who care.