Croatia Photo Diary '16

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trying out a new thing today. I'm typing this blog post in a car that is moving 140km/h taking me away from a little Croatian paradise where I and my family spent the last 10 days. Inspiration comes in the most unexpected moments, they say and they are right. 

First of all, ugh, Croatia is such a beautiful country! Have you been there yet? Yes? Great, let's fangirl together! No? Well, leave whatever you're doing, pack your suitcase and run away! 

It's the third time I stepped on Croatian foil, yet every time a crystal blue Adriatic Sea combined with colourful nature and atmospheric little towns get to my heart even deeper and deeper. And also food. Food is delicious there too. I'm being so random with these last two sentences. The reason behind is quite simple: hunger. I have already finished all road trip snacks and can't wait for the next stop at a petrol station. Anyways, where was I before thinking about eating? 

We stayed at a town called Malinska. It is located on the KRK island, which obviously isn't that big, so we had a chance to explore this place almost from A to Z. As you can guess I have snapped quite a few pictures. I took every opportunity I could to memorize our adventures on photos. In fact, my neck hurt from camera bobbling around it, LOL. 

The finished result is below!

Yup, I know what's the point of taking photos of birds. I can't resist their cuteness! That's just one of my weird hobbies, I assume, haha. Tell me I'm not the only one having a hobby, which gives me odd looks from people whenever I mention it. Please? 

Also, stay tuned for a part two tomorrow! If sunsets is something you love, then you may enjoy part two more *wink wink* 

Let me know where were you on holiday this summer or where are you planning on going!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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