A Ramble From A Beauty Blogger That Ended Not Beauty At All

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello, friends, prepare yourself for a ramble. I have been blogging for almost two years now - it is not a short period of time, not a long one either. I love how lovely, kind and friendly almost everyone in the blogosphere is. It is truly an incredible community and I am proud to be a part of it. However, I bloody hate stereotypes. This corner of the Internet is, unfortunately, full of them.

Here are just few examples I bump into whilst scrolling through social media and blogs:

  • How can someone possibly be interested in reading about makeup? (Why wouldn't you consider getting interested in reading about respecting the opinion of other people?)

  • Are you trying to become next Zoella girl? (The last time I checked, Zoella is not my name)

  • Well, I stopped writing about makeup because it is immature. (I am delighted to see what a great adult role model you've turned into

  • Do you, like, really post about eyeshadows, foundations and stuff? Damn, that's so easy! (Go ahead, do it better!)

  • Oh, she's a beauty blogger, she is probably just not educated in any other area, LOL. (Sorry, it is difficult to hear you over the size of your ego)

  • Have you ever actually tried finding your niche? (Since when beauty is not a niche?)

  • Makeup? Ew, gross, I prefer staying all natural. (Good for you. What it has to do with me and my choices?)

  • Honey, don't worry, personal development will lead to the growth of your blog topics. (Again, the ego thing)

I am beyond grateful for never getting into a face-to-face situation with online trolls or haters. Yet the amount of time I scroll through my Twitter timeline and see bloggers throwing shade at each other is actually ridiculous. Since forever, there has been an argument: what is better? Lifestyle? Travel? Films? Beauty? Cooking? Books?

Would you like to hear my answer? Everything is cool and interesting as long as you put your heart and effort in what you are writing about. Promise me to never let others bring your passion down or make you feel miserable because you enjoy writing, for example, fitness tips. I mean, is there something wrong with it? No. There is only something wrong with people being judgemental and arrogant.

I remember spending night overthinking about this. Do I deserve to have a blog if it doesn't cover any important topics? I am not brave nor strong enough to openly talk about my personal problems, I am not a big fan of throwing my strong political views out there and I am absolutely awful at book reviews. So, what is a point at continuing this journey?

I guess, many of us ask themselves a similar question. In most cases, it touches deeper subjects. It may be about someone's cherished dream or even someone's life. Trust me, no matter how lost you got on your way... keep going and believing in yourself. You're capable of more than you know. You're way stronger than you think.

Love how this conversation started flowing in quite a different direction. I am always like this, LOL! To somehow make a decent and also reasonable conclusion, I am going to use a quote that will help me.
Thank you very much for visiting my blog 

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