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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Friday aka my favourite day ever.
I am a bit busy\stressed at the moment and decided to quickly choose&edit couple of my photo. To be pretty honest, I enjoy doing my "photo posts" as well as taking pictures. Hope you will like them :)

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4 коментарі

  1. These photos are so gorgeous and lovely.
    I have really loved taking more photos lately.
    I think they really add to the blogposts and make them much more readable. :)


    1. Thanks, Ellen!
      Absolutely agree with you. I know can't post a blog without any pictures. Looks too broing then x

  2. Ah, such pretty pictures! I think I might start doing posts like these to encourage me to take more photos. I especially like the one you have the town square - I love how beautiful architecture can be. Hope you're feeling less stressed! x

    Ornella | euhnella

    1. I am way moreeeeee relaxed now, thanks x
      I can't say which compliments are better. Eyebrow compliments or photo compliments? haha
      It's going to be so exciting to see such kind of posts on your blog :)