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Monday, May 25, 2015

A while ago people from Prairie Charms contacted me if I would like to take part in their latest collaboration with bloggers called #PrairiePayItForward. Of course I do!

To start off with a post, I want to tell few words about Prairie Charms. It is a small business that sells adorable jewellery, hair accessories, some bits and bobs for nails as well as other cute pieces. Basically, you should check out their website to find out more information about it. Also they usually run giveaways on Twitter, so there is a chance to win something! Second what I would like to point out about Prairie Charms are people behind this brand. They are so nice and friendly! I definitely had a great experience working with them.

They emailed me offering 25% off the whole range. The reason for it is that they were co-working with an amazing charity organization Make-A-Wish and those 25% were donated to help children and young people who are fighting with life limiting conditions. Prairie Charms asked me to select any product from their shop and also were kind enough to add two gifts for me. Also I was said that I can skip the "review" part. The main goal is to have fun and inspire the audience to share with other people as much goodwill as they can.

Having fun and giving back at the same time? Easily! In my opinion, there is nothing hard about spreading positivity and kindness into the world. So do it more often and don't be lazy. Have you ever had a better feeling then when you put a smile on someone's face? The best way to do is to make a compliment or to show your support with words or money if needed. We have a such proverb here where I live - "We're all walking under the same sky". Help others and others will help you in a most unpredictable minute when you think that you are left alone with problems.
Kill with kindness. It is the only right and legal weapon.

I think I will move on here as I possibly could write paragraphs and paragraphs on this topic, but most likely it would be boring to read. Even though I am not obligated to write a lot about sent/bought goodies, I decided to show you one of them.

This cute little bracelet is my love in a first sight. I am found of sence of minimalist accessories and that was a perfect finding. It made with pastel pink and purple beads with a peace sign in a middle. I think the bracelet matches anything you would wear as well as gives a bit of a sparkle to the outfit. Small yet beautiful.

Apart from that, I would like to use a tiny pretty bracelet as a methaphor for this post. Despite of the size, it yet looks charming and makes me feel happy when I am wearing it. The same can be related with a topic I am writing about.

Small actions can lead to a big positive change that we definitely can make. 

Hope you're doing great. One more week until summer starts. Can't even find the right words to explain how excited I am.
Love&Hugs, Yana x

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4 коментарі

  1. Ah, this is such a great post - it speaks to all the things that I hold close to heart and have been trying to add more and more into my life. "Small actions leads to positive change that we can definitely make" - I completely agree! The bracelet you picked is really pretty :)

    I'm excited for you! Go summer! I've got one more week until exams, but I prefer to be doing exams than sitting around waiting for them to start if that makes sense ha. Have a lovely week! x

    Ornella | euhnella

    1. Exams are crap. But pre-exam worries are a lot worse! They ALWAYS drive me crazy. Good luck!
      I'm glad that you liked my post xx

  2. What a great charity!
    love your blog would be great if you could check out mine too xxx