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Monday, February 09, 2015

Hey dolls! Hope you're having a great day!

Today I decided to share with you some words on The Body Shop Banana Shampoo. Honestly speaking, haircare products are not my niche and I hardly ever try new brands as use only those that have been with me for a long period of time. However I enjoyed so much using this shampoo that I wanted to write about it here immediately.

So Banana Shampoo is definitely not a new kid in the town. It's been on the shelves since 90s, I believe. You can tell there has to be something special about this shampoo that it is still among bestsellers of the brand.

According to the information written on the bottle, Banana Shampoo is useable for all hair types. It also promises to make your beautiful hair shiny and smooth. What's more, you won't find lots of chemical definitions and formulas in the ingredients list.

The consistency of the shampoo is more runny and watery than usual, which I find a lot gentle when massaging onto the scalp and easier to use. It cleans your hair perfectly. Sometimes after washing my hair, it still seems to be a little bit oily and not that nice in general. But here you won't get that!

Another great thing about this shampoo is the delicious smell. AMAZING - wish it was edible :D. Yes, it is more like bubble gum than natural banana, but I adore it anyway. 

To summarize, I would say that Banana Shampoo actually does a good job. It had made my hair a lot softer and way more beautiful. What I also noticed I have less problems with styling it as my hair doesn't tangles anymore as it used to. Long story short, that's my kind of holy grail shampoo now.

What is your favourite shampoo at the moment?
Thanks for reading, I'll talk to you later x

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6 коментарі

  1. It definitely sounds like an interesting product. Banana is supposed to be really good for your hair.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Oooh this stuff looks really good. I really want to try something from the body shop. Maybe I'll try this! :D

    1. Highly recommend to try Banana Shampoo! You won't be disappointed x

  3. I love banana scented products, I have actually been looking for a new shampoo, mine just isn't doing the job any more!

    Hannah xx

  4. absolutely worth trying great post x