The Starlight Award

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Recently I was tagged by amazing Becky from to do the Starlight Blogger Award. Thank you for nominating me! Let's jump straight into the rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated you to do this award
  • Answer three questions that you were given
  • Come up with another three questions and pass the award to six or more bloggers of your choice

#1 Do you have any blogger goals?
Blogging has changed my life completely. It is my little getaway from reality. I can only imagine how grey my days would be without my little blog :(. I would be lost. However, right now I know what I am doing and in what directions in life I am going. So, I hope that one day in the future my career and blogging will be combined.
On other hands, I have already reached one of the goals if you can say so. My searching are finally finished - I found my passion that makes me the happiest person alive.

#2 What's your biggest pet peeve?
Frankly speaking, there are slightly a looooot of things that annoy me. One of them is noisy eaters. But also I can't stand two-faced people. So, I think those are my main pet peeves that make me want to punch something.

#3 Who are your favourite bloggers/YouTubers at the moment?
That is the hardest question ever! I read so many blogs that sometimes I lose track of time and end up spending half of my day enjoying blogosphere. But at the moment there are couple of blogs that stand out the most for me. Also I didn't want to include any popular or 'big' bloggers as they are everywhere on the Net, but instead tell about 'small' ones.

A Beautiful Blog. Well, pretty much the name of it speaks for itself. Girl behind this blog, Milly, is super nice and lovely person. She also started filming videos which are amazing, so you should check out her channel as well!

Jodie Loue. Ok, I blame you for making my beauty wish list longer and longer haha :D. I love Jodie's style of writing, the way she takes photos, how her blog is designed... All I want to say is shame on you if you still not her reader.

A Little Rosy. Almost every day I go on Becky's Twitter just to find out whether she has a new post up! Her blog is one of those that makes me very excited and happy for some strange reasons. Love, love, love A Little Rosy.

Fishnetsxd. Ellen's blog simply has that 'cozy' Internet atmosphere. Need an advice? Looking for some inspiration? Fancy reading beauty or fashion post? The answer is haha :)

My nominees:

What is your favourite memory?
Do you believe in karma?
If you could be another person for one day, who would you choose and why?

Have a lovely day! :)

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6 коментарі

  1. Thank you so much for you kind words about me, I think the same thing about you!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I love the post! You have a wonderful blog:)

  3. Oh Yana, how can I ever thank you for your everlasting support of my blog! I appreciate and love everything you do, for me and for your blog! Love, Milly xx

    1. I do really mean everything I say about you and your blog! You are amazing person. Thank you a lot for supporting my blog too :) xx