What Is More Exciting Than New Makeup Brushes?

Friday, October 02, 2015

What can be more excited than new makeup brushes? The answer is: probably nothing. Don't get me wrong, I love lipsticks, palettes, etc, but brushes are different.

Whatever people say, but makeup brushes play one of the most roles. For example, your foundation might be very good whilst brush is an absolute crap, means you won't be able to blend product as nicely and will end up with cakey look. So, before blaming any of your makeup first have a look at brushes. At the same time, it is not important to always spend an entire fortune on them. There are actually some good low-price brushes, you simply will need to do a bit of research.

If you gave me these 1Pc High Quality Cosmetic* makeup brushes, I would never ever guess that each one is around 3$. To be honest, I even might like them more than couple of my Real Techniques ones. I know, sort of pure craziness.

I honestly swear by this flat brush. No matter what I use bb cream, full or middle coverage foundation, it somehow manages to create flawless skin look with airbrushed effect. I can easily fool others that I wear zero product on my face which obviously can't be bad. Also I should add bristles are soooo soft and gentle that sometimes I spend about twenty minutes blending because you know, feels so nice to the touch :D

Another brush I got is tapered one. Personally I prefer using it for countouring. Again, this one is amazing as well. The pointed end is just perfect for applying bronzer on the face. I think it will work great as highlighter brush too. 

Frankly speaking, I was slightly scared whether bristles would fall out once I washed these brushes. But that didn't happen!

I would really recommend having a browse on Born Pretty Store if you are looking for new makeup brushes or alternatives for ones you already own. Or if you fancy a little splurge in general as there are another wonderful goods on this website too. By the way, you can get 10% discount by entering YALH10 at checkout!

Do you save or splurge when it comes to makeup brushes?
Hugs x

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  1. These look great! I really want to get my hands on some Zoeva brushes soon though :) Your photos just get better and better each week! xx

    1. Thaaaaank you xxx
      I'd love to try Zoeva brushes too! Especially the rose gold sets.