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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last week lovely Makinglifeacamera tagged me to do the Love/Hate TAG. Basically, you have to tell 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Then you should tag 10 other bloggers to do the challenge.

What I love:
  • I love dogs. I'm like the biggest dog person on this planet.
  • I love to lay down under the stars, watch the sky and chat about Universe.
  • I love travelling and always up for any adventure.
  • I love those days when my hair finally decides to cooperate with me.
  • I love when song is so good that it gives me goose bumps all over my body.
  • I love to talk. To be quite honest, I pretty much suck at keeping the conversation going because timidity, awkwardness and all that jazz, yet I still enjoy chatting with people.
  • I love doing makeup. It's not that I won't leave the house without something on my face but I love the process of applying products on my face.
  • I love shopping. Especially if sales are on.
  • I love writing. It is the best therapy for me. Also having different thoughts on paper instead of them racing in my head really helps me to clear my mind.
  • I love going on a loooong walks. Until that moment when my legs hurt as I've been doing intense cardio for the last eight hours.
  • I love blogging. And I love you guys. You are the reason why I smile a lot more often now.

What I hate:
  • I hate rude people. Get. Out. Of. This. World. Thank you.
  • I hate crowded places. I feel like I am turning into a small doll and people might crush me without noticing it.
  • I hate pessimism. Heyyyy if something is bad, then it is surely not the end.
  • I hate when people yell at me. Most of the time it happens because they are not in a right mood. But then I am getting bad mood too and yeah, day is ruined.
  • I hate potatoes, sorry but ew.
  • I hate how nowadays people are quick to judge. They may form opinion about you based on a bullshit someone told them. Then you apparently have no chance to change it. 
  • I hate when people make loud noises while eating. Could you shut up your mouth when you're chewing? I am doing my best not to punch them if I am somewhere around.
  • I hate how lazy I can be sometimes. Like I know I am going to regret for wasting my time...
  • I hate slow Internet. As Jodie from once tweeted, slow internet is worse than no Internet.
  • I hate when someone touches my hair. Simply can't stand it.

My nominees:

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5 коментарі

  1. Slow internet is way worse than no internet I still stand by that! Thank you for tagging me to do the post!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. No probs, can't wait to read your Love/Hate tag :) x

  2. Thank you for the nomination! This is next to do on my mental to do list. :)
    I love little posts like this.


    1. Mental to-do list? Haha, sounds funny :D
      Excited to read your post xx

  3. Amazing post! Can't wait of doing mine. I'll start now and before the end of the weekend it will be done. Promise! Great idea of tag and happy to be involved. Love you girl, and thanks for tagging me!!