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Friday, September 11, 2015

Blushes. Is it weird that they now don't amaze me as much as they used to? I feel like the answer is yes. Actually I do quite underestimate this step of makeup. Therefore I decided to treat myself to something special that I was sure would make me fall in love with blushes again.

I had never ever tried any Estee Lauder products before getting this one. Don't throw tomatoes at me because I have completely understood what a huge mistake it was :D. Nonetheless, when school started I purchased Pure Colour Blush in shade Rebel Rose to at least slightly brighten up my days.

If you are with me for a long time, you probably already know about my love to beautiful packagings and cool names. Rebel Rose surely wins at both. Big comfortable mirror and gold colour. What can I ask for more? Also there are 7g of blush which means it will last you for a good while.

Now moving on to the shade. First of all, I need to say Rebel Rose looks completely different in real life than on websites. Online it appears as bad mixture of beige and pink, nothing special nor pretty. But as soon as I saw this shade in the shop I simply couldn't resist the urge not to leave without having it in my bag. Stunning 'dirty' pink which looks incredible on cheeks. I prefer very natural blushes, the ones that won't be too visible but would give extra wow to any look, so Rebel Rose is a perfect pick for me.

I just can't get enough of it!

What is your go to blush at the moment? :)

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4 коментарі

  1. Looks like a really lovely blush. :)
    I wanna try some Estée Lorder products.


    1. Estee Lauder products are amazing, I still have couple of them on my wish list x

  2. I've honestly never tried any Estee Lauder products, I need to get on that hype! This blush looks so lovely!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue