Girls On Film

Friday, September 25, 2015

Soooo it is time for another eyeshadow palette review. As I had promised before, here is Girls On Film by Makeup Revolution.

To start off, I think every beauty enthusiast knows about Makeup Revolution. They sell fantastic products for quite low prices. My favourite part about this brand is that you can find many good palettes on their website(a big plus for palettes lovers!). Make Revolution has blown the Internet in one year and continues growing every day.

My first pick from MR was Girls On Film. I have been using it for about four month, so now I can finally write a decent review. Well, I am 100% pleased with this palette and use it almost every day. I mean, hello, look at these beautiful shades.

In these Salvation Palettes you can find 12 shimmery eyeshadows and 6 matte ones. All of them are well-pigmented and blendable. Though I wish their lasting power was a little bit better, but that is why primers were invented, I guess. They don't completely disappear if you skip primer-step. However at the noon or closer to evening(depends on when you did you makeup) colours slightly fade. By the way, alternatively concealer or cream eyeshadow work as a good base too.

What I love about the most about Girls On Film is that it is very universal and might easily become one of my beauty travel essentials. Shades varies from light everyday-like look ones to dark smokey ones. Which means you can create many different looks with this palette. If you ask me, all the mattes and grey shimmery ones are my most used ones. As I have already said, it also contains some great eyeshadows for doing gold eye makeup.

What products would you recommend me trying from Makeup Revolution? Which are your favourite? Let me know! :) x

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