Alien by Thierry Mugler

Friday, September 04, 2015

Such a shame I had not mentioned it on my blog before. But I feel like I need to. Let me introduce you to Alien by Thierry Mugler. The most mysterious and elegant perfume in the world.

To be honest with you, Alien, bought back in 2012, is my first "adult" scent. First love lasts forever, even if that is just a fragrance. Yet it is surely not "just" a perfume. I use this one so often that I now can't imagine myself without Alien.

As soon as shop assistant showed me it, I knew I am not going to leave without making a purchase. Afterwards I simply couldn't stop using it everyday, however, as my collection grew a little bit I kind of put it aside. At the end of August I was cleaning out skin care/makeup/body care/etc products and my hands finally reached to Alien again. Yup, I am now crazily obsessed.

I mean, look at it. Even at first sight, it catches everyone's attention easily. Purple multifaceted bottle with gold details rather seems to be a lost gemstone from the past than simple perfume bottle. It speaks for itself , "Try me," maybe in slightly daring manner. In my opinion you can somehow imagine the scent by seeing such design.

I 100% suck at describing scents, so click here if you want to read about its notes and stuff, whilst I am going to tell what it actually does with you and your image.

Every time I wear Alien, I feel special, powerful and unique. It is definitely not a light fragrance yet not going to give you headache. This rich, intoxicating, sensual scent will make people turn their heads at you, only in a good way. You will be getting lots and lots of compliments. It also going to boost your confidence like an invisible alien-ghost friend who is always reminding you that everything is in your hands and you will achieve it if you truly want to.

If you want to become a mystery for others even for one night, ask Alien to help you. And it will.

What is your all time favourite perfume? Let me know!
Have a nice weekend :) x

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