How To Bring Your Motivation Back

Friday, September 18, 2015

Tired, stressed out with only one wish every day. To. Go. Back. To. Bed. It was me for the last two weeks. School has hit me so hard that I wasn't exactly ready to fight back. All I wanted is to somehow add extra hours to a day, so I will have time for everything. Unfortunately, it didn't happen anyway. I ended up feeling and looking like a zombie. Or vegetable. Both are correct.

Today I thought I would share with you couple of my tips that helped me to return to my normal self again. We all go through such difficult moments in our lives and it is important to not lose control completely.

Take a step back. It would be absolutely fantastic if there was a reminder that would be telling us every once in a while that we are not robots. Sometimes I try to sit on two chairs and then blame myself for being not really productive or not finishing something at right time. In this case, I think it is okay to take even two or three steps back. You can't do more than one thing at once. Your motivation may return as you stop putting so much pressure on those tiny shoulders.

Clear your mind. Even though that might be slightly hard, but wave a goodbye to Internet as well as social medias for at least three days. Instead, go, for example, in your favourite cafe with group of friends, have a sleepover, plan a trip on weekend if possible! If you are rather quite person or prefer your own company than grab a book and sit in your local park, run a bubble bath and watch any stupid comedy you like, go on long walks but without headphones, yup, no music involved. Breath some fresh air and forget about all your tasks that are still waiting for you. Simply enjoy your 'me time'.

Make a schedule and get a planner. I honestly feel like that little llama saved on Noah's Ark when I have almost everything scheduled, whether that are posts for a month ahead, tweets for one day or even my entire day from 7am to 10pm. In general I find it a lot easier when my plans are written down on paper rather when they are racing in brain. Believe me, you are missing out actually a lot if you still think making to-do lists sucks.

Then get back on track and slay. :)

Do you know any good tips on how to stay motivated?

Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend! x

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