Brow Drama

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here I am talking about another brow product. Oopsie.

I think everyone now knows and have already seen reviews on Maybelline Brow Drama sculpting brow mascara. Many, many beauty bloggers here are raving about it and calling absolute-musthave, so I couldn't help but jumped on the bandwagon too. As soon as I spotted it in local drugstore, without any hesitates I threw this brow mascara in shopping basket.

Now, to be honest with you, brow gels or mascaras wasn't exactly my favourite things to use for makeup. Any that I've tried were turning my eyebrows into two greasy, sticky wads of hair. Not nice at all, huh? Therefore at first I had few concerns about this one as well. Fortunately, it is nothing like that, more like magic in one tube.

As you can see it is a simple black tube which is not too massive and definitely belongs to travel friendly products. I should say that brush is probably my favourite part in general. Its mascara wand is extremely comfortable to use because of the bigger element on the end of the brush. Such form helps to better fill in you brows  and cover every needed area.

I picked up the darkest colour Dark Brown. Win win, feels like it was made specifically for me as this shade matches my eyebrows perfectly. There is also Blonde available and Soft Brown for fairer hair colours. One thing I have noticed about these products that they are cool toned. So, if you prefer your eyebrows warm toned, you might not like them just as much.

For final verdict I am going to say that I think I will repurchase Brow Drama again. It is a really nice product that can be used individually or as addition to your basic brow routine. Finally I found something that can tame my eyebrows, yay!

Have you discovered any good products recently?
Hugs, hugs, kisses x

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4 коментарі

  1. I like to switch between this and a clear mascara, although this is definitely the one I prefer!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. It's so good! And also a perfect pick for lazy girls haha :D

  2. I recently purchased this and have enjoyed using it because it means I don't have to draw them in!
    Charlotte //