Friday, August 28, 2015

Is a desk with a chair in the little office enough for forming a good workspace? If main aim is to finish up hating the job you're doing, then the answer is yes.

To my mind, your workspace should be a creative depiction of your personality as well as simply a place where surroundings inspire you to cross off every item from your to-do lists. Obviously your office shouldn't consist of your bed or couch in the living room. They are very comfortable for being lazy, but working there will only turn you into a messy person who can't do anything in time and permanently complains about everything.

In the moment I'm redecorating/cleaning out my room and this time I want to actually focus a lot on my working area. Especially now as I'm blogging, I have understood the importance of it. For example, if dark colours dominate and it is possible to hear noise from the street and there is no glass or bottle of water in a room, bye, I'm leaving. This atmosphere simply annoys me. I feel like a little dwarf sitting in a cave. It also makes me want to get away as soon as possible, so I can't be bothered caring about results which leads to being non-productive. The result will surely upset me even more. I also have noticed that working outside helps me to develop different ideas a lot quicker. Frankly speaking, if I had house with backyard, I would just bring a table, couple of chairs and turn it into my office area.

Nonetheless, I do not have such opportinuty, so I need to get the most of what is left for me. As making lists is one of my favourite things in the world, here is five iteams that play a big role for me in the workspace:

Our brain works better if there is enough oxygen. So, please, care about your body. Put like even one or three cactuses and it will make a huge difference. Besides that, green colour has a lot of benefits as well. It is known to be a peacemaker and helps you to restore back your energy.

Good lighting
I think it is very obvious point, but at the same time I have seen some people forgetting about how important good lighting is. First of all, you definitely do not want to lose your sight, do you? Second of all, as darker it is around you as more your body wants to fall asleep or just get cozy in bed without anything productive involved.

Big window
Desk lamp is a must, however, natural lighting is even better for us. I don't want that dwarf feeling, believe me.

Wall calendar
Even though time is only illusion and all that jazz yet the clock is still ticking. If you are organized, you will get more of it to save for later. I find wall grid calendars to be the best to plan your time in advance. In my opinion, having it all written down somewhere helps to rationally spend and actually enjoy your day. No stress.

Comfortable desk and chair
Whatever you say, but when I am not 100% comfortable sitting at the table, it just irritates me and I only start thinking about numb pain in my back or neck.

Basically have fun and decorate your workspace as you want it to be. It is the first baby step that will approach you closer to your goals.

If you are looking for more workspace inspirations, visit WeWork, a company that builds communities to empower people to do what they love. Creative workspaces is their major focus, so you definitely have a browse on their website to learn more about their shared office space.

Don't forget to tell me about your dream workspaces! Where are you more productive? When you are alone or surrounded by many people?

Anyway, that is it for today. Hope you are having a lovely day! x

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  1. I totally agree that creating an environment that makes you comfortable makes the work an over all productive experience.

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    1. It makes working process a a lot more bearable haha x