Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Remember how a few posts ago I promised myself to bring more bright spring colours in my makeup? Let's see how it all turned out!

I thought that the best way was to start with lipsticks - as you may already know for me it's lipsticks >>>> everything else. I did end up buying some makeup bits, but actually failed my main mission miserably. Did pink-ish and cute shades catch my eye? NOPE. The more spring days pass the more my makeup turn out kinda autumnal.

Speaking of lipsticks, I find it ridiculously difficult to wear neutral ones. Don't get me wrong, nudes are in fact one of my faves, yet I struggle to go further. For example, it's easier and more comfortable for me to pull off bold dark lips rather than, for example, pink. Why? If only I knew!

Anyway, back to my purchases. I picked up two matte lipsticks by Maybelline. As much as I love this brand, I do have to say I tend to have love/hate relationships with their lip products. In case with these lippies, it's definitely love (I think I'm just always a slut for a matte lipstick, LOL)!

The first one that I got is Divine Wine. To be honest, the name speaks for itself: it is a gorgeous deep burgundy red. Unfortunately, in pictures above this lipstick seems more warm-toned and not as impressive, when in real life it is cold-toned and the most beautiful shade of red you will ever find.

The other one is a pretty brownish pink Maybelline Matte lipstick in shade Touch Of Spice. According to some fellow bloggers, it is a good dupe for MAC Twig and NARS Bahama lip pencil. 

Another reasons why these lipsticks worth a try are hands down its pigmentation, creamy formula and, of course, lasting power. Although they have the matte finish, I haven't experienced the awkward moment when texture would dry out my lips. Besides that, I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that Maybelline Matte lippies don't smudge(it'd look like fancy Miranda Sings if Divine Wine dared to do that) and stay on for almost entire day.

Do you lovelies like Maybelline lipsticks? Let me know in the comments! x

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4 коментарі

  1. I've been on the fence about trying these. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hope you're having an awesome weekend xx

    Edye //

    1. They're really good! Hope you'll love them as much as I do x

  2. I'm also a slut for matte lipsticks and I normally breeze past Maybelline lipsticks, other than their baby lips but you've convinced me to give them a try! Beautiful photographs by the way, have a wonderful end to your weekend xx

    Alicia |

    1. I used to be not so fond of Maybelline lipsticks either. In fact, I have even binned few! But these ones are truly amazing matte lippies.
      Thank you a lot. Have a lovely week ahead x